My Medusa/ Nose Piercing Experience

By Tabitha from Baltimore.
Ok i was the end of june on my bestfriends sister birthday, we decided to bring out the piercing supply to kill time before we went to the club. so as everybody was doin hair and makeup, i was like yo ima do it im not scared i grabed the 18g needle and clamps and i was like what i shoud i do a monroe, medusa, snake or spider bites?

nobody never what i should do they thought they all would look great on me so i decided to be different and do the whole medusa piercing. so as i prepared myself to do this i jus dirfted off in my own zone blast some lil boosie to get father in the zone before you knew it i done shoved the needle in my upper lip underneath my nose. icounldnt fint the little ball so i panic like omg i just did this for nothing yo help me find the ball quick my bestie found it and put it on the bar tightly. i was in a mode for pain and pleasure and more piercings so i decied to do my nose at that very moment for some reason i got scared btut isaid to hell with it ima do it i want so put the clamps on my nose i did it but this time i bleed. i was terrified because my bigest fear is bleeding to death but i proceded and i put the small nose ring in i als o grabbed a napkin to apply pressure on my new pierecing and it bleed for 30 mintunes striaght i thought iwould never stop but it did jus in time for me to get washed up and dressed to go out and enjoy her wonderful party.


  1. Wow. This is just stupid, why would you just decide to stab holes in your face? Go to a professional. There’s so many things you could have hit in your face and I highly doubt any of that was properly cleaned. Also, I hope you didn’t reuse the needle. Piercing needles are to be used ONCE. Very, very stupid decision on your part. Also, learn to spell.

  2. This is why you should got to a professional. You stabbed that needle right through a vein didn’t you. I sure hope you disposed of those needles properly. Oh dear god or didn’t reuse them. I hope you learned a lesson go to a pro next time. You will get much better placement of your piercings.

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