My fabulous Monroe!

By Sami, from Illinois.

The day of my graduation I got grad money and had been wanting to get something pierced. So with the help of my boyfriend and after thinking it thru and thinking about the fact that I can also take it out and it will just leave a small freckle like mark I decided to get my monroe pierced.

The only other piercings I had was my ears triple pierced and my cartilage twice, so I was kinda nervous. I went to a place downtown that was the only piercing place around before this year and has been there for for a very long time. Its called Out On A Whim and there is only one piercer that works there. Hes really professional and went over everything that he was going to do. I told him I wanted to get a Monroe and he said there is no such thing, Do you mean a marilyn? I said sure. Lol. Right before I went in the back room I started to get really nervous.

he marked the spot and my boyfriend asked if it could be moved at all and he said I could get it done on either side but only one spot because hes notgonna be responsible for thousands of dollars worth of dental work later on. I personally like the spot he puts it in because it farther up closer to the nose and less by the lip. I didnt even feel the needle go thru but when he slipped the stud thru which connects onto the needle it pinched a little. Afterwards he gave me a solution to mix with a gallon of water and told me how to clean it. His suggestion is 3 times a day for 3 weeks then 2 times a day for 3 weeks. Then at 6 weeks you can change it but it wont be fully healed till 6 months.

It hasnt really bothered me it was kinda sore for about a day and then a little less then a week later in scabbed and bled a little, but that only lasted for about 2 days. I’ve had it now for about a weeks and a half and its healing really good. I think it looks really cute and would recommend it to anyone.

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  1. Hey everyone ever thinking about getting a belly ring?Well I did it’s been 5 months and my piercing is completely healed…at first I was not sure if going thru the process would be worth while now Iam actually glad I did looks extremely cute…it’s a great piece of body art not only that your able to hide it for important sessions of your life(job interviews)…for those who really feel like getting it done I recommend you do your research and make sure your local tattoo/piercing shops use sterilized equipment and new rings…and for the healing process use Safe piercing care solution anti bacterial germicidal topical cleanser it promotes healing…make sure to twist and move the ring around atleast a few times a day…have fun with your new piercing!!!!

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