My Crazy Snakebites Piercing!

By Julie aged 19, London

Body Piercing Stories

Hello everyone I’m Julie and I had my bottom lip pierced a few weeks ago! It looks amazing and it didn’t hurt half as much as I thought it would. This type of lip piercing is called ‘snakebites’ – so I was told, and not many girls have it. So I can kind of boast about this among my friends! 🙂

I used a piercer that was recommended to me by my brother. He was great and he explained everything that would happen and I asked about aftercare (something my brother had warned me about). Everything seemed fine so I went ahead and booked an appointment for the next day. I was nervous and the thought of having my lips clamped and pierced made me cringe! The next day I went to the piercer, he greeted me and put my mind at ease.

A clamp was placed on my lip which did feel a little uncomfortable. Then he pierced the lip and I have to admit that it did hurt a bit. But you know – it only lasted for a few seconds and when the lip ring was in – it was OK.

My piercing experience was just a little bit painful but I was made to feel as comfortable as possible and now three weeks on I love my new piercing and it is healing up nicely! Just remember to take proper care of your piercing to avoid an infection!

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  1. i really want snakebites im 13 and i asked my grandma for them cuz she lets me have anything and she said no becuz i would have scars and tht people would judge how i look but i dont really care about the scars so wat everyone has a scar and if people judge me thts their problem i just want them so bad they look really cool and my role model “max green” he is the bassist to my favorite band “Escape the Fate” and he has them im just going to keep asking until everyone gets sick of it and then i get them

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