My chosen passion

By Haylee, Pakenham, Australia

Ear Piercing

The first time I decided to get a piercing, it was because the cute guy from my maths class said I’d look cute with a bellybutton piercing. After doing some research online I waitied duly until I turned 16, earned some money and headed off.

I rocked up to Purple Haze – which I chose because that was where my sister had her tragus pierced – asked if they had a free slot to get my naval pierced, and waited. I was nervous as all hell 😕 – the only piercings I’d experienced before this were my 6 lobe piercings done with a gun at the chemists.

Furthermore my parents had no idea I was getting it done and I didn’t know how they’d react – they were firmly against the idea of body modification.

Then my appointment came around – the time of reckoning! The piercer girl was cute as hell (Zoe, her name is) so I was too busy to really be nervous!! Then the clamp came, and the pinch, and a bit of pain but strangely not as much as I’d anticipated – and I had a brand new belly piercing!!

She sat me down afterwards, explained all the aftercare, that I’d have to avoid lying on my stomach for a while and all that. It got infected after two weeks and it took a year and a couple of courses of antibiotics to really settle, but it was worth it.

It was after that I realised that I really love piercings. I then went back to Purple Haze (and Zoe) twice more to get an anti-helix, a daith and a rook, before decided purple haze was a liiiiitle too expensive, and changed to Chadstone to get my lip and 2 helixes done. I left, of course, considerable healing time between all of them.
I still have a tragus, another rook and 3 more helixes on the agenda! 😉

That first belly piercing was what made me discover my (so far) only passion – tattoos and piercings!! So if it wasn’t for Logan from my maths class, I wouldn’t have this awesome excuse to post my little story online.

THANKS LOGAN FOR THE INSPIRATION and thankyou the internet and piercers for giving me something to turn to and better how I percieve myself with!!

I’ve posted a picture of my right ear – the daith and my two helixes as I don’t actually have a picture of my bellybutton due to lighting issues with cameras and shadows!! 🙂

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