My beautiful septum : D

By Angela, from Savanna, Il.

Since i am here i obviously love body piercings and such. i wanted my septum pierced for a while.

There was something primal about that really appealed to me. i went to my favorite shop and they said that the only person who did septums had left a half an hour ago. i was already pumped to get it right then. so my friend and i went to another shop that i have been pierced at a few times before. still excellent just a tad pricier. they could do it right then.

So i paid and went back to the room once it was ready. my piercer had done my antritragus a couple of years ago so i was cool with her doing it. she explained everything as she examined my nose and found the proper placing. she lined it up for a while and then pierced. i always think that piercings are going to be so painful. every time even if i have had it before but it truely did not hurt. it just made my eyes water.

She asked me how i took care of my other piercings so i told her and she handed me the standard pamphlet for after care ad said to clean it like i have been taking care of my other piercings. it has been good so far. one of my jobs lets me have it and the other doesnt, so guess which one i will be quitting. i just will have to flip it up for the next two week ends that i will be employed there. it feels uncomfortable… but i hate not giving two weeks notice so i will suffer.

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