My amazing monroe

By DeShonna Brown, San Antonio, Texas

Monroe Piercing Story

okay so it was about a month ago i decided to bug my mom again about getting my monroe pierced.

i had been wanting it for about two years already we were driving to pick up my oldest sister from work and i just went for it. suprisingly she said yes but i had to pay for it . so after we got my sister we went to the shop closest to my house which was skin graphics tattoos located @ 1255 SW LOOP 410 STE 140 SAN ANTONIO TEXAS .

we went in and we filled out the papers and stuff then my super hot piercer said follow me 😉 and as soon as he said that i froze! but after about 15 seconds of me standing there i followed him in and he explained to me what he was gonna do.

then he marked it and then he put the needle through from inside to out! 😯 it hurt a little bit! but i got over it really quick. then afterwards he gave me a little bag of sea salt to rub on it until it was fully healed . he was a really sweet guy.

i think i might go there and get more piercings from him. it took my monroe about two weeks to heal but before it healed it would get really swollen up at the night and mornings so i ate ice cream and sucked on ice for about 4 days until my swelling went away.

everyone who has seen it says it looks really good on me but hopefully when school starts again i don’t have to take it out! ❗


  1. ok, well i have a question. How old are you and would this be terrible pain for a 13 year old. I have already asked my mom and she siad she would think about it. She basically said anything but your tongue or belly button. But yeah, so how old were you when you got it and would it hurt REALLY bad for a 12/13 year old?

  2. i have a monroe and it looks gorgeous on me and i got mine when i was 13 and it didnt hurt lol and thats only only cuz i have other piercings and im used to the pain lol

  3. Hahaha wtf Auburn, Age doesn’t matter.
    Stop thinking you know everything because
    your all thinking a 12/13 year old couldn’t stand
    the pain. Well you know what, I have pierced my monroe
    by myself when I was 12 and it didn’t hurt, but
    it was a dumb idea. It got a little infected, so
    I took it out, then a little less than a year later
    I asked my mum if I she would take me to go get one
    she said yeah, so then I got it done, and it didn’t hurt.
    & When I was 12 i have attempted to pierce my
    Both didn’t hurt.
    So I would watch my mouth next time you think age matters.

  4. Ok I’m 11 and I know its crazy for an 11 year old to want one but I dooooooo! <3
    Im gonna wait a lil longer but when I do get it shall it hurt :/ I was watching vida on youtube and it freaked me out! Plzz let me know

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