Mum said no to 14 year old tounge piercing

By Emily, from Australia.

I REALLLY wanted my tounge done but my mum said no and wouldnt allow it. So I got my dad to take me as he and my mum are seperated and he is more laid back.

I went to a few places but they were either closed or appointment only. Finally I found one that looked really good. They told me to come back in half an hour and they could slot me in, I came back 5mins late and the piercer was freaking out as he had a tattoo to start in 5 minuites, he already had everything out and just told me to lie down and stick my tounge out.

The next thing I know the clamps are on and the needle is going through. It took less than about 2 mins. I then sit up and I’m fine. I got really sick after my last piercings But I was fine. Im a bit annoyed cause its slightly to the right and too far back, he rushed it alot but atleast I got it! 🙂

My mum hadnt noticed cause I could still talk fine but randomly in conversation a few days later I stuck my tounge out. She freaked out at first but was then okay, because it i cold talk and It was already done. Im pretty happy 🙂

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