Monroe Isnt So Different


By Roxanne Perez, San Antonio, Texas.

Last year about in October me and my recent boyfriend had just broken up. So out of anger i wanted to hurt myself but then i decided maybe i should get a piercing since i only had my earlobes pierced i wanted something special.

 Around that same week me and my ex-boyfriend got back together. It wasn’t normal though we ended up going to a tattoo shop where they also did piercings. To bond our relationship he told me that he would get what ever piercing I wanted for him. And in vice versa i  would do the same i ended up getting my Monroe pierced which is what i really wanted.  I had second thoughts about it when it came down. But i didn’t wanna be the same person from before i wanted to transform a part of my body which my family would’nt approve of.

 I really was glad that we went to one of my friends tatto parlor which i didnt know that she worked at. And my boyfriend had just like the neighborhood around it. We really didn’t know where else to go we just needed one that was really close.

There were two piercers there. One was a woman and the other a man. We both got pierced by the same woman. She was really good and educated about what she was doing. She took me to a seperate room I felt really comfortable with her. She got prepared turned around. She told me to breathe in and count to three. By the time i got too two the clamps where on my lips and the needle was in and so was my piercing all i felt was a pinch. She told me it would take about two to three weeks to heal. She taught me how to clean it right in front of a mirror.  And by the time you know it i was out of the tattoo shop.

 I felt really good and like a different  person it was so liberating.

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