1. i am seriously thinking bout getting a microdermal peircing but as i look deeper into it ppl are saying how bad it hurts… i will still do it no matter how bad it hurts but it jus kinda makes me nervous…well i guess we’ll see how bad it hurts huh?

  2. I am thinking about getting a microdermal on my wrist. I see it’s permanet and very cute. But im still scared with the whole permanet thing. Hmm i guess ill just have to think about it. Does it hurt when you get it?

  3. A microdermal can be taken out. The actual piercing hurt for a split second then I never felt it again.

  4. microdermals hurt a little bit more than a normal piercing. if you can handle getting your nipples done this is NOTHING! i got 4 in one sitting and it was nothing. the healing time is so much better and doesnt hurt. i have 13 piercings (4 microdermals) and these were the easiest to take care of afterwards and i love them. my only problem is its really hard to find some cute jewelry for it. the one main website ive found is painful pleasures. they have cute ones but they are expensive.

  5. i have microdermals in my cheeks and it wasn’t that bad.
    i just didn’t watch it.
    i was told it was gross.
    honestly, i think that they’re worth it.
    as long as you know you want it.
    because they have to be surgically removed…
    if you’re sure it’s what you want, go for it 😀

  6. I have dermals in my arm and the back of my neck. I have a portrait of Marylin Monroe on my forearm and I have a Monroe piercing on her mole. I have eyes on my neck and I have the pupils pierced as well with dermals. I absolutely love mine! I have had the ones on my back reject but I got them redone and have had no problems with them. You have to be very careful with them and make sure you dont get them hung on anything because that is painful. I am military so dermals are the best because you can just unscrew the diamond and cant even see the bottom of the piercing. I highly recommend dermals! I love Mine!

  7. yes it hurts…but no pain no gain. if u want it then get it and dont worry about the pain. choose where u get it wisely cuz u may tend to bummp it on things lol.

  8. i have four anchor and i love em. does it hurt? well when they remove a piece of your flesh and use forceps to embed and anchor under ur skin, its not exactly relaxing…but its worth it! dont be scared i love mine

  9. It was the easiest piercing i’ve ever had. hurt pretty bad at the time but it only hurt for an hour… cartilage piercings hurt way worse and take months to heal where i had no problems with this pretty much as soon as it was done. ive heard you can get them taken out at the place you get it done too.. might leave an ugly scar but if you want it i’d definitely reccommend it

  10. Coming from a person who has dermals:
    I love them. I personally think they are very low maintenance to take care of after the healing process. I’ve had many pericings and I think they hurt less than getting my belly button pierced and Septum. I have 2 dermals on each ‘hip’ and they are amazing compared to having a surface bar years before in the same spot. On the pain scale i’d give it a 4 1/2.

  11. this piercing does not hurt at all i found my ears more trumatic easiest piercing and least painful out of them all i was very nervous about it but was very suprised im getting another one soon i love mine

  12. i have two in my back. honestly, they hurt really bad but i was able to do it at 16, im sure you can too (:
    – i think theyre really cute nd worth it.

  13. I just got microdermals on each side of my hips. I’m not going to lie, it hurt like hell and was expensive but I think its totally worth it. I think it honestly depends on where you get it. But I haven’t herd one person to say it didn’t hurt at all. And if they do, they are probably lieing. No one can just not feel pain with them taking a big chunk of ur skin out and popping something underneith the skin. It fucking hurts.

  14. How old do you have to be to get one im really nervious but after reading into it i really want one sooo can someone help me out?

  15. I love the idea of a 3rd eye microdermal and am seriously considering it. Read about it and watched the youtube vids. Some say they inveitably come out due to the flesh being thin and taught so rejection is common due to this placement. HOwever I have a nice bit of padding between my eyebrows which is easy to pinch for piercing and my eyebrow piercing has healed just fine. I also have a monroe and labret. I had a belly button piercing but got bored with it. All healed really well so I am not prone to rejection. Waffling on a bit I know but my main concern is the longevity of such a piercing. Anyone had a long term microdermal? That is one I would really want to keep.

  16. I just got dermals in my hips two nights ago and I psyched myself out that after he made the hole I said “wow that’s it??” I was expecting way way worse! My septum piercing hurt more. I’m keeping bandages on them to keep them safe while healing but I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Highly recommended!

  17. I got a microdermal piercing and it didnt hurt that much. Cartilege piercing hurts way worst. My question is, can I get a microdermal piercing on my eyebrow. I was told that it couldnt be done because of the location. I really want it there, got one on my temple and not comfortable with it being there. Miss my eyebrow piercing.

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