Microdermal Piercing – a new trend in Body Piercing.

Microdermal PiercingMicrodermal piercings are semi permanent body piercings. Β You will also hear them referred to as dermal anchoring or microdermal implants.

Microdermals look pleasing and aesthetic and are rapidly becoming very popular. They are considered a cool alternative to surface body piercing because they are semi permanent . They are quick and convenient.

The technique and size is also so easy that you can have it done practically anywhere on your body. No special tools are required and the procedure is less invasive than an implant. The process is also more comfortable compared to the transdermal or sub dermal implants.

What Does The Process Of Microdermal Piercing Involve?

This basically involves a single piercing on the body where only the one part of the jewelry is visible on the skin’s surface. The other part is just under the skin, held in place by a titanium plate, which has many holes in it so that the tissue may grow through it, nicely anchoring your jewelry. To avoid any risks of rejection steel is usually not used.

The piercer usually cleans and marks the area to be pierced. The part to be pierced is pinched up and a 1.5 dermal punch is deftly inserted into the skin, straight down. After the hole is made, the piercer fixes the microdermal quickly. The whole thing barely takes an hour right from the time you arrive at the piercer to the time you are through! πŸ˜‰

Even though the titanium plate stays under your skin once you get the microdermal piercing done, you can change the visible part of this jewelry after a couple of months.

However, they can be difficult to remove so consult a piercing professional if you need to have them removed.

What Jewelry Can You Wear?

You will find a variety of jewelry to suit this type of body piercing ranging from acrylic, gemstones and plenty more although titanium is the most advisable.

You need to be over eighteen and have a photo id to get a microdermal.

As with any body piercing, once the microdermal is done, your piercer will give you the appropriate care instructions. In spite of being a new kind of body piercing many people are going in for microdermals. Rejection of the piercing is quite rare when done properly. Healing takes approximately one to three months depending on the individual getting pierced.


  1. I really want to get my back done. on my lower back. Where most peoples back dimples are. let me know what ya think!

  2. I have two on my forarm,, I have a sleeve with a dragons head on my fore arm and the two dermals being its eyes it looks great but I would prob opt against it for all if its a phase, yes they are semi perminant but y spend the money and go through the whole healing phase to take it out,, just my thoughts is all,,,peace


  4. I’m really thinking about getting 2 on my lower back considering I have dipples on my back but not sure if I’m willing 2 go threw the pain let me know what u think I should do

  5. i am looking for a place to get microdermal piercings on my back dimples. if any one knows of a place that would be extremely helpful. thanks.

  6. Hey all, got 2 dermalz on my lower arm bout 2 wks ago, im such a sook wen it comes 2 pain, & i would rate pain level az 4/10, so bearable & worth it!!! Lovin em, cant wait 4 summer ta show em off.. Luv ya Joe, INDUSTRIE8, CABRAMATTA, SYDNEY is definately da place ta go 4 piercings in Syd:)
    Hey most important bit of advice ta u guys gettin it done.. make sure ya feep it strapped 4 at least da 1st 2wks, i didnt listen n was keen ta show it off & ended up rippin 1 out so was bak in da chair da nxt day gettin it redone.. thx joe repeirced, same hole, no probs, looks f*kn awesome!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey I got a dermal on my forearm in the center of my tattooed rose in February, 2014. My dermal does not lay flat, does yours?

  7. Justin, I am thinking of getting the same thing done except on my back. is it recommended to get the tatto done first then the eyes, or the other way around. also, i have read that some of them the tops are interchangeable. im thinking about switching between rubys and diamonds for the eyes. lastly, can they be implanted to where they are flush with the surface of the skin? just wondering.

  8. Hey everyone. Microdermals ARE NOT PERMANENT. They are a semi permanent piercing that can be removed by a qualified professional. I have removed quite a few and it is not hard. I had to remove all 8 of mine just a few weeks back due to an operation.

    1. Got my dermal in my forearm in 2/14. Is it normal not to lay flush against the skin and is there something that can be done to have it flush on the skin?

  9. I got two on the opposite sides of my chest, just below my collar bone. The actual procedure wasn’t too painful and took maybe 10 minutes with prep and all, but I’ve had mine since July and just yesterday I snagged the left one on my shirt and it ripped out half-way, I pushed it back in and put a band-aid over it. I’m going to see my piercer today but I’m pretty scared, hopefully it will turn out ok. It’s really easy to snag these and it hurst like a bitch when you do, be sure it’s something you really want. They ARE permanent.

  10. When i got my nose peirced and my belly button, my body rejected them. I even tried to get my bellybutton repierced but it didn’t help and i bought an expensive ring for it. Would i be able to have one of these peircings??

  11. I am going to get my clavicle done on both sides. I am nervous about the pain. I have my tongue, belly button and conch pierced. I also have 7 tattoos (three on my back, two on my hips, one on my forearm, one on my hand) Do they hurt as much as those? My tongue hurt the most out of all of them,,, do the dermals hurt as much? I can obv. handle the pain but im still a little nervous. Ive done a lot of research so im absolutely sure that i want this done. so whats the pain like?1

  12. Yesterday I got my nape done and my anti-eyebrow with these. My neck looks super cute.I am still getting used to the ones under my eye but they look nice.
    It really doesnt hurt really at all! It only hurt a little cause for one of them she had troubles getting it in.
    Does anyone know where you can get small jewllery for it? The place I got them done had a limited stock and I would like smaller jewllery for my anti-eyebrow. Is it possible to get smaller ones?

  13. i have a appointment with my piercer next saturday to get my first micro on my chest im pretty excited about it πŸ™‚ although i am slightly worried about catching it, but i will have to just be extra careful, im not a hardcore piercing entusiast, i have my lip tongue and tragus done, and i dont think you have to be hardcore to get this done as long as you get it done tastefully where it’ll look good, even when the ‘trend’ has passed.

  14. I LOVE THESE!!! I have many tattoos and piercings but all are very tasteful and classy. Im not a punk…just a beautiful girl with beautiful body art. I got my first micro today it is on the back of my neck. I am going back TOMORROW to get two more done to make it a cluster. I think it is beautiful. I would never get any type of piercing on my face however, and I already have my tongue pierced but if I didnt I wouldnt get a micro on my tongue….better to get the traditional tongue piercing I think….

  15. Dont know if I would get one of these if my body had rejected previous piercings…..I would be too nervous. I think some people have body’s that just dont want to be pierced. If you find a good tattoo artist they can tattoo something on your body that looks like a diamond.

  16. well, i have two underneath my collar bones. didnt hurt a bit and it took like maybe around 20 minuites for both of them. if it takes an hour then you went to someone who does not know what they are doing. and there not permanent. if you do not want them anymore then you just go to the place you got them done at and get them taken out. simple as that. and you can even change the diamond. pretty cute. to me its better than a tattoo. because you can always have these taken out in the future. you can not remove a tattoo as easy as these. and it doesnt even leave a bad scar. like a pin needle
    nuff said πŸ™‚

  17. I got my nape done a week ago and I love it! I havent caught it on anything… yet! I have long hair and expect to get it caught sometime soon πŸ™‚

    Getting it done didn’t hurt that much and I was super nervous, you feel the needle (or punch) and then theres some pulling and movement, it stings but its nothing that makes you want to stop. Mine didnt bleed much and Ive had no problem with it. Ive been washing it twice a day with sea salt and boiling water and its fine, one day of redness and itching but a hot shower sorted it out!

    Id def recommend them to anyone, hardcore piercing fan or not! They are pretty and cool and if you ever want them out you go back to your piercer and they remove it… no hassle!

    I do know someone with 2 on her wrist but I think I would just catch then in my pockets.

    I want to get more so I dont have to stand with 2 mirrors just to look at it!!! Thinking about getting 3 done at the bottom of my neck -clavical?

    Enjoy your Microdermals!!!!

  18. I just went to club tattoo yesterday for four piercings (Mercedez does them for me most the time). Got my sternum pierced with a dermal, my abdomen on either side with surface piercings, and then my hood. All these piercings were minor in pain, the worst one was my microdermal under my right eye. Piercings are nothing to be frightened about.

  19. My main concern was if they could be removed.. I just learned that they can’t πŸ™
    I’m not very happy about that. I was kidna actually donsidering them for my birthday.
    I really don’t want to have anything permenant on me.

  20. They are permanent in the sense that you can’t take it off yourself but hardly as permanent as a tattoo. I’ve personally had three of them, one of which is still in place. The first one was behind my ear and got caught on a towel after showering and one of its legs came out. My piercer was able to take it out simply with a small nudge. Apparently the skin hadn’t grown properly through the holes in the base.

    I had the second one on my finger, which is quite a terrible place to heal properly. I had it in for almost 9 months but it got infected and had to be taken out. A minor operation, about the same amount of pain as putting it in.

    The third one is above one of my brows, about half a year old.

    Neither of the two that were removed left a bad scar and I’m thinking of giving the finger a second shot. I’m still careful about that spot and it feels like there’s something missing.

  21. I want to get microdermal hip piercings but I was wandering about how it would handle another pregnancy….would it be able to stretch with my belly and the expansion of the hips…and if i have another csection do i have to get it removed?

  22. OMG The whole thing freaks me out but i REALLY want one. Im gonna get two…one in each dimple on my back but im gonna wait like a year cause it REALLY freaks me out.

  23. Just had 2 mircos done by the arch of my eye brow…one Red Ruby and one silver star..pain was like getting a flu shot..have 3 hoop piercing on other eye brow…micros didn’t seem as painful but they are an ouchee..they look great and healed really fast..just have to watch drying off with a towel especially the star with the points on it..but looks awesome and have allot of compliments on them…make sure you go to a good piercer…he said they could b removed but he should be the one to do it…I say, GO 4 IT!! I did at 61, and lovin’ it!

  24. I just got 2 microdermals on my chest and I was wondering if anyone knew how long I had to wait until I could do activities again, like jogging?

  25. I am thinking about getting this done and I was just wondering if anyone had a recommendation as to where to go…. I live in Volusia County so somewhere around there…. and also I was wondering about the price of it??

  26. i have two dermal on my back.. on my crown tattoo.. i love them, so unique and get complements everywhere. another story with my sternum im going in today to get it done for the 3rd time bc my body rejected it before but its worth it love them, pain is sharp but quick not that bad. im excited and thinking about where next!!!

  27. I have one on my face and one on my chest. They don’t scar too bad, I used to have another one on my face right abve the current one, and its a tkiny scar almost like a freckle, hardly noticeable.

  28. I have 3 in my wrist, 1 in my hand and another in my chest. I think they are wicked, had one pulled out my chest and you cannot even see the scar. I think you can never have to many….if you like them its your body so go ahead and be different

  29. I am a professional piercer and for a bit I was quite uncomfortable with the idea of the piercing. I found it counfusing on how it was to heal properly, stay in place, and the like. After much research it started to make sense. After looking at many pictures, videos, and reading many articles I found myself becoming more comfortable with them. I even began to truly like them as a piercer and also a body piercing fanatic. I went and got one done on my right top wrist this past weekend and so far it is the best piercing I’ve had. I love the look, it doesn’t hurt, the healing is simple. Placement can be so unique too. I plan on getting several more and even going to a seminar to learn how to do them. I would suggest these for most people, just remember it does cause scarring to remove the jewelry and it is a SEMI-PERMANANT piercing.

  30. I’m thinking about getting two, one on each side of my hip bones.. but when I get older I want to have kids and I’m just wondering what will happen then, with my stomach getting big and all


    1. Microdermals are semi-permanent so you can have them removed at any time. I wouldn’t worry too much! Get them done enjoy them! You may have to remove them when you have kids, but a good piercing pro will give you relevant advice when the time comes.

  31. i got 2 done in ibiza, one in my hand and the other in between my breasts! the one in my hand ripped out a few months ago! im getting a few more done during the summer! ive got 10 piercings but i rather the mircodermal, i cant wait to add to my collection!

  32. Im in the military and I want to get 2 on each side under my collar bone, but Im affraid when I deploy my equipment will rub or snag one…Is there anything you can put over them so that wont happen?

  33. I Am Excited To Get Mine. I Think I Want Them On My Chest. Hmmm. Good Idea Or Not??
    Help Me Out..

  34. i’m getting a microdermal on each side of my hip for my 6th birthday this may. i live in alabama, people tell me that it’s illegal to get them here, is that true? and also whats the pricing? is each of them 60 dollars or more? Helppp!

  35. Ok, microdermals are not permanent unless you make them. They will either be ripped(removed) out or you can get them surgically removed. If you take them out, there will be a scar. It’s best to get one where there is less contact to the body.. For example, if you get one on your hand, more than likely, it’ll be ripped out. So it’s all up to you if you want them forever or removed. The thing about Micro D’s is that most people finds it painful and they will not reject. Microdermal virgins should do a little more research before going through with the procedure.
    Hope this was helpful =)

  36. however, the reject depends on how your body reacts to unwanted objects. That’s why it’s you have to cleanse it frequently, for the first few weeks
    Jenny Q

  37. ummmm….yeah, an hour? really? not even! like some of these previous comments stated 5-10 minutes tops! on changing your tops, you can actually change them in 3-4 weeks….not months. and as far as getting them removed, even without a special procedure, the scarring is very minimal, if you don’t pick at the scab and take care of it properly

  38. um i wnt one of these its nt the popular where i live (the bahamas) so i wanna get one but im kinda confused/scared arnt there 2 types of wayz to do this?….cant i jus get the bar insted do they even do that help me plz ????

  39. someone please help! i has 2 implants on my neck one jus below the other its been 7months now and i love them but the top one has been red for quite some time now! and i clean them often how can i get the redness to go!!!???

  40. I have two below my collarbone and one under my eye. This article makes it sound swift and easy, and yes if you have a professional, then the process is easy. But there are alot of people just now learning how to do them. Anyone who is going to get any micro done.. make sure you do research on the individual and the area your getting it done. It is possible for your body to reject the peircing, also there is a possiblity of scarring.. and its not for everyone. Before you get anything done, go to a tattoo shop and just ask for the pros and cons.

  41. I had two microdermals last year on my hip, they are not permanent as one rejected after about 6 months of having it, the other one is still in though.

  42. I’ve got ont on my nape and I love it…. I was wondering if I could get one on my foot, like in the middle of a tattoo???! Think it would look wicked

  43. I’d really like two on my lower back but I’m worried about them catching on my clothes. How much do they actually catch in this location?

  44. i have one right under my eye n last nite half of it got ripped out.. i was in the club dancin when that happened so i didnt wanted to touch it n put it back in.. now its sunday n all the piercing studios are closed im bout to freak out.. but theres nothin i can do right now i guess i dont wanna make it worse.. i hope they can put it back in i love the diamond but i dont think i would do it again on this part of my body… )0=

  45. personally i love them i have 3 on the back of my neck which i am going to have three more in order to make a crucifix, everybody who has seen it love it !!!!!!!

  46. Im hoping to go and get 2 microdermals on my stomache near my belly button, im worried how long it would take to heal. Im goin away nxt month and im scared the sea water might irritate it if its not properly heald.
    Any Knowledge on this guys?

  47. Just got two on my nape yesterday.. one of them is not as flush as the other, is it just the top piece that needs to be screwed on tighter or will this one “floating” one mend flush once it heals?

  48. I really want to microdermals on each hip as they are easier than surface bars.. do you really have to be 18? even if you have parental consent?

  49. Heey, im 15 have about [technically] 8 tattoos and have had 6 piercings (4 in now )only one rejected on my nape cause the piercer but the wrong jewlary in other than that they have all taken im contiplating on getting two of these on each sides of my hips to give the illusion of a normal surface piercing,
    Do they get ripped out often in this area?
    Do you think it’s worth it.
    these are something im passionate about ,
    what do you think?
    thanks πŸ™‚

  50. Come to Skinfinity Tattoo Company
    We do microdermals! we are owned and operated by a registered nurse!
    we are at
    1082 havendale blvd.
    winter haven, fl 33880

  51. Heey i reli want one of these piercings on my wrist.
    I have a reli high pain threshold but does this piercing reli hurt ?
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  52. i dont have any my self, i prefer surface piercings, so that if i decide i like them i can just take them out, i have 2 my right hip one on my left, one on the back of my neck and had my left collar bone done yesterday πŸ™‚ so far they have all healed good x

  53. Hi guys,
    Im 14 but for my 15th birthday im trying to con my mum into taking me to get my hips pierced 2 on each side, it costs $90 per microdermal, i have my nose and ears done, and personlly i like the feel of piercings, most piercings i do myself such as septum,, cleavage,, navel so on, compared to these piercings how much more painfull are microdermals, and also is hairhouse warehouse an alright place to get them done,

  54. Just had 3 microdermals put in. Piercing shop that did it said that I can’t buy jewelry off the internet because the threading won’t fit what they put in. They said only the jewelry that came from their distributor would be the right threading. Are they just trying to sell me stuff or are the threadings not standardized?

  55. i would like the microdermals done on my hip, i have looked in to some piercers in my area but would like to know roughly how much each one would cost?

  56. I love this piercing, guys think its sexy yet classy. also it’s not exactly permanent, you can always get it removed by a professional. I just got two microdermals on my dimples on my lower back 2 days ago! except they are really hurting when is this pain going away?

  57. I have two on my hips (one on each side) and they are currently infected and not doing so well. i’ve had them for over five months and for more than half of that they have been infected. I took care of them as directed so I am pretty upset about it.

    Hips DO get caught on a lot and knocked around. It was a painful process and I am sad to say that I will probably end up getting them removed.

  58. I have 2 at the bottom ov my back in my dimples i love them ive ad them dun a few months now just takes a bit ov gettin used 2 does hurt wen u get tem caught tho so beware!!

  59. As for the boasts of ‘my piercer took only 5 minutes’ and so on. I wouldn’t get too excited about that. It sounds like they were rushed which is totally unnecessary.

    Also, 14 year olds getting pierced. -__-
    Your body is so young, don’t be surprised when they all migrate by the time you’re 18-20.

  60. I just got mii dermals a week ago.I got them on my dimples on mii cheeks…I LOVE them there sooo pretty.Dermals are the best thing to have

  61. iqot my 1st dermal at dha aqe 15
    itss really cool an unique
    its alil annoying when people come up to me about it but hey iqoda live with it
    i think its cool but after a while you’ll fah qet its dere
    buh if any one qet it think twice before you qet it
    because it is a some what perminit piercing .

  62. hiya i have just had 1 done in my hand by my thumb and i really thought it would hurt and i was well scared but glad i got in done it really didnt hurt just felt a little bit uncomfortable but looks well good now.

  63. I got two going down the nape of my neck…it wasn’t that bad, but I have a high pain tolerance…mine bled alot while he was doing it, and the nape of the neck is a difficult spot to get it done because the skin is so thick…

  64. so i have an anti eyebrow piercing and I accidentally scratched it in the middle, and now there is a little hole and you can see the bar , will the skin go back to it was or will it stay like that ?

  65. I just got some done! spent a lot, but I love then have one under my thoat its so hot!
    Then I have three on my right hand between my knuckles everyone thinks it looks good! =) I know they’re perminent but my job doesn’t care and customers love it also!
    Maybe when I get older id take them out besides my teenage years of fighting are over so no worries of hurting myself and not the other. Lol

  66. Okay well im 14 and i am in South America, Chile.
    Here im allowed to do the piercing at any age i want and i was planning on doing it in a few weeks and i have a few questions…
    Does it come out?
    How do you clean it?
    Does it hurt?
    How do you get it removed?

  67. Hi I got mines done in selfridges london at metal morphosis in mines is/well was at the back of my neck in my tatoo but unfortunately had to have it out as the bar underneath myskin lifted on one side so was poking at my skin. Its the most amazing peircing I have ever had and I loved it. The guy who removed it was lovely and I am thinking about getting two on my coller bone…..

  68. I got my mircodermals done back in July and I absolutely love them, I got them in my lower back (dimples) and they’re out of the way, they don’t hurt or get snagged on anything. I ride horses so that was a big concern of mine but nothing seems to bother them. My piercer was excellent also, he took his time placing them to make sure they were 100% even on both sides, and it didn’t hurt at all. Although my right one bled pretty badly. I had a few friends with me that watched and they got sick watching, so glad I couldn’t see it but I’ve seen them put in on the tops of a girls wrist and cheek bones and things of that sort and it is just fascinating how nicely they go in!! Best piercing I’ve gotten yet!

  69. I spy FALSE information! Multiple times!
    First: Microdermal piercings are not, I repeat NOT, permanant! They are quite easy to remove, although it is highly advisable not to do so yourself. The removal consists of a very small incision right at the end of anchor, where a scalpel is inserted horizontally in order to cut the tissue that will have grown through the holes in the anchor. This procedure is quite quick, minimally invasive, and in most cases leaves LESS of a scar than a normal piercing that has had time to fully heal. With the use of scar preventing/diminishing ointment it is often possible completely erase the scar. There is a second method of removing apparently, involving only a needle, which is inseted at the end of the anchor and then twisted all the way around it to separate it from the tissue, and then the anchor is simply popped out. This method, im told, leaves even less of a chance for scarring.
    Second: If your piercer has any clue at all, it will not take anywhere close to an hour! I don’t know why the writer of this article would say an hour, god only knows what her piercer was doing all that time, but if the person is working instead of messing around you should be in and out in half an hour or less.
    Do your research, people! Also, if you are so uneducated that your spelling is an insult to the english language (ig “mii”, “perminit”, “dha”, “iqota”(wtf??), or any use of other letters/numbers in place of the proper one, such as 3’s where E should be or q’s where G should be), you should be spending your money on BOOKS or SCHOOL, not piercings.

  70. I have an implant at the hollow of my throat. It hits right where a 16 inch chain with a small pendant would. Currently I have a prong set CZ so it looks like a permanent diamond necklace. I get SO many compliments when people realize it’s not attached to anything! As far as the procedure itself, it was probably the easiest out of 20 or so piercings. Was slightly red for about an hour after I got it done and I’ve had no problems since. All of my piercings have been done at Brookside Tattoos and Body Piercings in Tulsa, OK. Johnathan Hood is THE most talented piercer I’ve met. My implant was virtually painless.

  71. I just had my first dermal 4 days ago. I love my piercings and this one was new for me. I had it on my right hand, between my thumb and index finger.
    I am a wimp with pain, I was scared, but it honestly didn’t hurt. I just felt some slight pulling movements when the piercer was doing it.
    They are semi-permanent. If you want it out you get it taken out by your piercer. If it was permanent I wouldn’t have had it done, especially on my hand.
    It’s healing nicely, the only pain about these piercings, like most, is the healing process. My hand is very achey and feels rather stiff around my dermal. It’s also slightly red and slightly swollen. I keep cleaning it with the solution I got from my piercers and keep it covered in bed, in baths, showers and anywhere I could get it dirty. Other than that I leave it open so the air can get to it so it can heal.
    If you really want this piercing done, I say do it. It honestly doesn’t hurt (and as I said, I’m a wimp with pain), but make sure you look after it as it needs a lot of attention whilst healing to stop it being rejected by your body.
    Mine took around 10 minutes to do, including preparation, and another 5/10 mins to show me how to look after it and clean it.
    If your piercer is any good he/she will carefully show you how to clean and look after it.
    Mine cost Β£45 (UK) to have done with a clear gem in, but would cost less if I had just a plate.
    I’ll add, if you’re considering getting one done and are a bit squeamish, I recommend not watching as it’s being done!

  72. hey i was thinking about getting a Microdermal Implant underneath my eye/ above my cheek. nothing big just proberly a gem. Anyway, just asking how much does it normally cost/ hurt. And how long is the procedure?

  73. I want to get a micro dermail pericing on my vaginal area the top were it splits. I have one in my breast bone right under the collar bone looks like a pendent really pretty

  74. im 16 and I have been looking for place all over my area (campbelltown) to Parramatta finding places that do Micro dermals. anyone know where they would do them for me? does hairhouse warehouse do them?

  75. It just depends on where you go how much they cost. The first place I went to charges 40 each but only charged me 35 each cause it was my bday πŸ™‚ The second place charged 20 each because he’s my friend and I was able to talk him down in price. It really just depends on where you go. Apparently 35 each is a good deal though

  76. i want to get the mico dermanals reallllllllly bad on my lower back [dimples] the only thing holding me back is wondering if i ever get rid of them like decide i wana take them out will i have ugly scars ppl love my dimples and alot of ppl tell me they wish they had them & if they were me they wouldnt get the peircing & ruin my cute dimples .. lol some ppl say they leave scars then some ppl dont pleasssssseeee help me out

    & also is there anyway to change the jewlery like just to diamonds or are they just always goin to look like what they peirce you with
    thank you so much x0

  77. Its not to bad getting one. Usually 18 you can get one and taking them out yourself is a no. Usually a piercer can take out or going in to the doctor to take it out.

    I have 9 through a shooting star tattoo on my side and only one actually hurt.

  78. i got my dermal done underneath my eye! i love it.
    mine cost 70$ and to be honest it did hurt.. but for only about 5mins while getting it done and after was fine.
    but now its probs 3 weeks ago now and its good now πŸ™‚
    verry happy i got mine done

  79. I’m looking at getting 3 on the back of my neck to compliment the tattoo that i already have. I’m a fan of any piercing, as long as you keep them tasteful. But what is tasteful to one may not be so to another. I can’t wait to get them done already…i’ve only been talking about it for the last 2 years.

  80. I got 3 dermals going down the back of my neck and I loveeee how they look, there’re just kinda annoying sometimes.
    I work at Juice it Up and I have to wear an apron and it gets caught on them all the time :/

    And today the top little diamond part of one came off! And it looks like my skin is healed over it… So idk what’s gonna happen when I go in tomorrow to get it fixed.

  81. I’m 16, in the U.S. and about a month ago I got two in my lower back, where the dimples are, like everyone is talking about.
    1. Nobody has perfectly even dimples, so you’ll have to alter the placement of the dermals a bit.
    2. You can get them removed, they do have to be cut out, its pemanent, due to the fact you can’t remove them easily yourself.
    3. I have a high pain tolerance, but I didn’t feel them at all. My friend got one on her sternum, and she said it hurt really bad. So it just depends on your pain tolerance.

  82. Also, depending on the piercer, you usually start out with a diamond or some sort of gem. You can get them changed, after a few months.

  83. And no. It doesn’t take an hour. My friend and I both got ours at the same time, and it may have take 45 minutes from entering the shop to leaving for both of us to get it done.
    Yes, they can be torn out, and they do catch on your clothes (especially the hips)
    Talk to the piercer about it before you get it done, they will usually be happy to help.

  84. Thinking of getting a dermal on my right hand, where the index finger and thumb meet. Pain doesn’t bother me that much i’ve had 6 piercings and none have ever got infected or been rejected so seems my body doesn’t mind them.
    Just wondering, if the piercing was to be ripped out my accident would it leave a nasty looking scar or heal up okay? Does it hurt when it gets caught on things much because I do obviously use my hands a fair amount lol. Also, will it affect writing when I have it done? As im a student at the mo and holding a pen is pretty necessary!
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  85. Thinking of getting a dermal on my right hand, where the index finger and thumb meet. Pain doesn’t bother me that much i’ve had 6 piercings and none have ever got infected or been rejected so seems my body doesn’t mind them.
    Just wondering, if the piercing was to be ripped out by accident would it leave a nasty looking scar or heal up okay? Does it hurt when it gets caught on things much because I do obviously use my hands a fair amount lol. Also, will it affect writing when I have it done? As im a student at the mo and holding a pen is pretty necessary!
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  86. defsss get one! i have two one on the back of my neck and one i got just yesterday near my collar bone. no it doesn’t hurt, it’s only painful for about 5 seconds then you feel nothing. just watch getting them caught on things!

  87. I’ve been thinking about getting my dimples in my lower back pierced..Does it hurt REALLY bad?..cause i suck with pain!

  88. im getting mine done on the 2nd march metalmorphosis in london are doing a special Β£5 each you should all get yourselfs booked in see you there πŸ™‚

  89. Just so you know. If u have tough skin it will hurt and it will take a while. I have tough skin it took almost an hour but it was wprth it. I cryed and screamed through mine it hurt so bad but….like i said….worth it.

  90. I just got mine done literally about an hour ago, under my left eyes. The guy at Expo in Des Moines, IA was quick and it went really well. He said he has some that take awhile just because they instantly swell and bleed and then there are some like mine, boom boom boom, they are done.

    pain comparison – I have the nose, a monroe, and now this, plus 3 tats. Hurt worse than the tats in my opinion. Worse than the nose for me, the Monroe hurt worse after the fact. This one, it burns, then there is the pain when they slide the plate in. Some uncomfortable feelings when he twisted it on, but none of it was unbearable. The worst was just sliding the plate in, but it was done quickly and it was over with. I wish I would have asked his name but shoutout to Expo. I think it was the same guy who pierced my nose 6 years ago and he was awesome with that too. Here it was $40 for the microdermal and $30 for the jewelry I put in.

  91. Hello…My 19 y/o son got a dermal piercing. I have looked all over and can’t find it. Do you know if they sell Diamond tops….not sure if i’m explaining it right …the screw in thingys lol ….I’d like to get him one. btw it’s sort of on his cheekbone under the eye.

  92. i went to Epidemic Tattoo Studio for my microdermals. i got 3 on my cleavage/sternum and they hurt! not so much the punch but when he put in the plate. he tried sliding it in 3 times and finally got it in. it took no more than 40 minutes. when he pulled out the punch, blood was pouring out, i didnt think id bleed that much. even though it hurt really bad, im getting my lower back dimples done in two weeks!

  93. by the way they were $80 each and the piercer was extremely polite and the shop had a refreshingly chill atmosphere, recommend this shop highly!!

  94. i have had the bottom of my throat pierced….. by far my easiest piercing yet. the worst of it was when he put the anchor in but even then it wasn’t bad….. it was very quick. will definitely have it done again.

  95. Hey all,

    I have been searching on the net for an answer to my question but have had no such luck. So I thought maybe if I post my question on it, someone might have an answer?!

    Ok, so basically I got a microdermal peircing on the top of my wrist about 3 months ago. It all healed well, and i thought everything was all good until a week ago when the ball fell off and i managed to loose it. So, i took it upon myself to order a few more of them off the internet, and am currently waiting for them to be shipped.So, at the moment nothing is attached to the post. I didnt think this would be a big deal, but as i looked down today i noticed that the peircing happend to be red, slightly swollen and the skin in appearing to grow inwards (potentially causing the hole to close up) So my question is… will the skin actually grow over if there is no top gem in?? if so, now that is has kind of started growing, when i do screw a ball on is this going to cause any rejection? Im a little worried, so any accurate advice would be muchly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  96. hey,
    i really want two done by my left eye a larger gem and then a smaller one underneath, just wondering what other peoples feelings are. i am 23 now but may want them out when i’m older,
    has anyone got something similar? πŸ™‚

  97. I have 2 micros on my hip. I have had them for almost a year now and they get infected at least once a month, but other than that i have had no problem with them and I love them so much. I am glad that i got them and would recomend them to anyone

  98. I really would love to get a microdermal on my hips but i scard incase its really sore?? And dont know how much it would be ? And where would be the best place to get it done ?? I live in Northern Ireland in county down.. So if anyone could help please do …

    Thanks xO

  99. Do people read the comments before they post, They are SEMI-PERMANENT. they can be removed, just obviously more involved then getting the piercing. it’s like think before u speak, read before u post, ur answer might be there.

  100. I currently have six microdermal piercings. Two on my back dimples and two on each hip. I am absolutely in love with them and would encourage anyone who is thinking about getting them done to go for it!!

  101. I’m excited to get my back dimples periced!! Just nervous about them getting ripped out or getting them caught! I jst wana hea from someone that there totally worth it and I wanna hear about the pain level n junk. I got my belly button and nose periced!

  102. Hey I’m thinking about getting a microdermal done behind my ear and was wondering if you think I’ll be able to get it done without an adult, I’m only 16. Also wondering if anyones had it done here before and if its really sore?

  103. Hi I’m thinking of getting a microdermal done behind my ear and was wondering if anyone else had this and if it was sore to get done? Also wondering if I’ll be able to get it done without an adult as I’m only 16.

    Okay so i’ve had my dermals in for more than a year now. I got three done and recently I’ve noticed that the diamonds in each have these little dots that look almost like mold. In each diamond the “molds” are different sizes. I’m really worried its going to grow and getting bigger and eventually turn nasty. I actually don’t know if I can change the diamond. Are all dermal tops changeable?

  105. I have recently had my hips pierced with Dermal Anchors. They’re a great piercing and have a very low rejection rate. It doesn’t even hurt that much. IT just feels a bit like a sharp scratch and a little bit of tugging. Its all over very quickly. The only problem with having your hips done is they sometimes can get caught, so youu have to bit more careful with leggings, jeans ect ect.

    I’m thinking of getting my sternum/cleavage pierced with dermal anchors now.

  106. I got my dermal done yesterday on my hip. And it didn’t even take 5mins. You don’t have to be 18 u can be any age over 16, and if urs took an hour the person doing it must not of know what he’s doing. I’ve got 15 piercings now and two tattoos. I love my micro dermal and deffinatly having more done.

  107. I don’t like the part of this that says the process barely takes an hour.. I have four dermals (2 clavicle, and 2 around my bellybutton accenting the navel ring) and every time I got mine done, it barely took ten minutes. The pain is completely tolerable, because I’m also a wuss about pain. I’ve had the clavicle dermals since last July and they’re doing perfect.

  108. Hey.so ihave two clavicalpiercings i really liked them but i have a liitle brother who is 10 months i didnt pay attention to what his hands were aiming for and he pulled on one of my piercings and now its infected im afraid if keep it there it will get more infected.

  109. i got a microdermal piercing today between my thumb and index finger they only take like 5 minutes and are really easy i would recomned getting one they are soo smart i got a little pink gem in minesss… luuuvvv it πŸ™‚

  110. I just got two dermals in my lower back dimples…I love them! I think they are very classy and tasteful I recommend this they’re such a neat alternative to body peircing….a little nervous about the scaring on lower back after removal though:X

  111. I reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaallllyyyy want a microdermal piercing on each of my hips/lower stomach but I’m so scared it’ll reject or get infected! You can’t just go anywhere for this kind of thing cuz I’ve had bad experiences with other piercings (non-microdermal) that left me with keloid scarring & infections. Maybe partially my fault but I just wanna go to a piercer that has done these quite a lot of times & knows what they’re doing so I get my money’s worth!!!

  112. Hi, my name is charlotte. i have 3 dermals. One above my cleavage and my back dimpels are also done. I love them! they look amazing to me. if you wanna do it,i would say just do it! i was scared the first time, but honestly the pain isnt bad and is over before you know it. one problem with the back dimpel dermals would be that it snags on clothing often. one of mine got ripped out actually this morning either in bed or becuase my shirt or pants might have ripped it out.it sucks! becuase now im not sure if my anchor is still in there or not…. πŸ™ im sure my piercer will fix it tomorrow tho if it is. anyways i love them beside the fact that they snag on anything and everything. what im gonna do from now on is put a small bandaid over them whenever i think i may be around something that it can snag on during the night time when i sleep…..and this is @ victoria. i was told by my piercer that you can go about your daily Exercise routines as long as u put that bandaid on and keep it clean. thats what i did and sometimes still do and it works

  113. @gina…my scar is fresh from this morning and i have the back dimples done and its actually sooo small. dont worry about it. πŸ™‚

  114. I have 8 up my back im working on a corset. They can be removed but you should not do it yourself. I know in the state of Texas you can get them at 16 with parents approval however it just depends on the state you are in. I did not have any problems with infection except with one and that is only because its on my lower back and constantly got caught on my work pants. Do your reseach about the person or shop you are going to before you get them done. I would not have gotten my Dermals if i did not see how much work the shop i go to has done. It took me about 15 minutes to get two done that is what i have done every time is gotten the two sides of my corset ive got 4 more to go and i am so excited

  115. Ok so I got my lower back pierced barely over a week ago and although they seem to be healing normal the past 2 days I’ve been experiencing extreme stomach pain like a constant ache, which is similar to pain I felt when my bellybutton was beginning to get infected.. I’m worried about an inward traveling infection but isn’t it too early for something so serious to develop, and if it has would back piercings cause abdominal pain? Thanks

  116. I have a right sided rib tattoo, 8 stars from top to bottom and about 6 months ago I got 8 microdermals in each star. It looks amazing, didn’t hurt at all except for a slight sting from the dermal punch. I haven’t had any issues with snagging or rejection, however one or two did.get infected, but after cleaning it and taking care of it it healed just fine. I am looking at getting more whether I incorporate them with.piercings or not I think they are awesome!!! πŸ™‚

  117. Ok So wait im 15 and I want one next to my left eye do I have to be 18 ? Also how much will it cost? Because Im 15 would the peircer do mine if I had a parent with me?

  118. hi there,
    i got a microdermal on my ankle and i love it i have got jewelry with little cherries hanging, now i have magnetic tops and find these brilliant just clip on and clip off.
    by the way i had mine done at hex in blackburn lancs and i am 60 years of age, your never too old….

  119. Im 46 yrs old and i want a micro derma on my chest do u think Im a little bit too old? Ps I dont look my age at all about 10 yrs younger I take good care of my self eat the right things and excerise

  120. I like agreat big one the shape of world trade center emerging out of each knee cap. I would then want the spikie ones going down the middle of my spine like a jelly lizard. I would want them all to have the capability shooting mini-fireworks so they would have to be connected to my central nervous system. They do that, right?

  121. i really want them done. but im broke, im hoping to find someone to get them done 4 me free, but that will never happen. but i strongly support them. but one day i will eventually get mt back dimples done.

  122. I have my back done, got it about 2 weeks ago and its starting to reject..I can feel da metal plate sticking out of my back..its nt painful but its nt comfortable. Before I got it I wanted it bad but now dat I have it I kinda regret it..becuz I dnt wnt it foreva and I dnt like da color I got..so pls think about it before u decide to do it

  123. I have had my ears peirced but i formed keloids. I also have a keloid on my shoulder from a scrape a few years back. Ive been doing some research but cant get an exact answer. I have a tattoo thats medium in size on my hip and it healed fine. I want to get the micro dermals on my inner hips but am afraid of keloids forming. Does anyone know if there has been keloid forming from these piercings in that particular area?

  124. I have one on my on my cheek bone, near the lower, outer corner of my eye. But its the dermal skin diver anchor. It took less than 5 minutes, was maybe a 3/10 on the pain scale, and i was able to change the jewelry the next week. (OH! &its LEAST EXPENSIVE!!!)

    If you’re looking to get one, the diver anchor is what i suggest!!

  125. I have my naval done and a reverse monroe that I’m letting close because I’m going into the medical field, but I want my collar bone done on both sides to keep my fetish and it would hide perfectly under my scrubs. I found a piercer who would do it for 100, I’m pretty psyched and nervous.. But since tattoos aren’t my thing I’m looking forward to this! Wish me luck!

  126. i wanna get my lower stomach done to accentuate my navel ring. im super psyched its just idk bout this permanent underlying thing cuz im wondering if it will set off the metal detectors at airport where i work.

  127. i just got dermal piercings on my shoulder and one rejected it.. when it heals can i get done again in the same spot? and how long does it take to heal?

  128. I have one dermal on the back of my neck. I’ve cleaned it 3 times since I got it done and it’s perfextly fine. It’s been over a month and it doesnt hurt at all anymore. I love it!

  129. I got two microdermals for my hips done instead of getting the usual surface piercing. The first night I had them was rough because I slept on it wrong and got my left micro pushed under my skin. When I went back to the piercer he was able to retrieve it and pull the jewelry back on top of my skin however that created a bigger problem and the jewelry would not only dip back into the hole that got stretched, but the hole actually started to heal over my jewelry. Therefore I had to go back once again to get the jewelry removed from under my skin. The piercer put a bigger piece of jewelry on it and ever since it’s healed perfect and I haven’t had any problems with it. I love it, I think this is a great piercing method!

  130. After reading this article, I went and got two under my collarbone. I thought it would hurt a lot but I barely felt anything there, I guess not too many nerve endings? Well stretching my ears was more painful. Also, they aren’t permanent. You can get them taken out whenever you want, te place I went to let’s me go back whenever I want and have them taken out or they can even change the stud for me. I live in Portland, I went to adorn (east) and I totally recommend it. A bit pricey but worth it. Good selection of jewelry, nice piercers. They’re awesome. I can’t wait to go back in and get my other collar bone done!

  131. Oh and another thing, i asked the piercer at adorn about the holes at the bottOm of the titanium plate, and he told me that they actually dot use ones with holes because it makes it harder to remove when you want them out. So I would ask your piercer about that and if they have non-hokey plates.

  132. I have a star tatoo on my right forearm and i want to get a m.d. in the middle of the star. Is the forearm a painful spot to get these generally? Also, i had my navel done 4 times & it rejected every time. But i have my bottom lip, nose & tongue done, so how high would my chances of rejection b with this type of piercing in the forearm area?

  133. I have a thing where I like put rhinestones at the corners of my eyes and i was thinking about getting one on the outside corner of each eye but im kinda scared… ive got like 11 tatoos, and some piercings but i dont want any scars on my face… do you think it would work out or should i just continue to use my rhinestones n glue?

  134. well getting your eyes, done might hurt i got mine done and it hurt like a shot but not as bad as you would think. I went to Jaks’s body ink in Sherman, Tx. He does a really great job with them, took about 30 minutes for both of them, πŸ™‚

  135. I got dermals on my clavicle on both sides. They didn’t hurt too bad more of a strange feeling with your nerves. The left side has rejected twice but I wish it wouldn’t again because I love them. Wrists or back dimples are next!

  136. i curenntly have on my face (anti-brow), my chest and so far 8 on my back still have 10 get (getting a corset) piercing and i love them to bits, i’ve not caught one once and they are not a hassle at all :3

  137. I’ve been researchin dermal anchors and recently came across some videos of tel procedure and saw what looked like 2 different methods. The first a puncture hole with a piercing needle (which seems normal) but then I saw one with this little yellowtool that they turn and push in the same motion on top of your skin not pinching the skin and actually remove a lil circle of skin! Is this normal cause it sure don’t seem like it. Is this lack of experience in the piercer or do they just not know what they’re doing?

  138. To Chelsey on Jan 19th. Wouldn’t getting these in the dimples in your lower back hurt every time you lean back on a chair, or have sex while on the bottom, you know, on your back? There are probably other examples as well. It sounds like it would look great, but it’s just a thought….

  139. @Lindsey chill da fuk out child ..damnn we can write however we want . jus cus we write a certain way on shit like dis doesnt mean we’re not educated …i fukin hate wen people take shit like dis all up da ass …anyways on a different note…uqhh I wanna qet one on ma rinq finqer nd ma clavicle but im a bitckh wen it comes to shit like dis . I qot ma tonque pierced . nd did ma own snake bites but im unfamiliar wit da pain dat comes wit d’z type of piercinqs but I realli want dem !!! =/ …so 2 questions..around how much do dey cost nd can I qet dem dun at a reqular tattoo/body piercinq shop ?? oh one more..can I chanqe da qems myself ??

  140. Okay so I had a microdermal done about a week ago, placed on the high end of my cheekbone next to my eye. I am so in love with it! The process isn’t that painful at all, bear in mind im not good with pain but im good when it comes to piercings. I would say it hurt about a 4/10, navel being about a 4/10, nose being about a 3/10 and nipples being about 8/10. If anything I would say surface piercings hurt more. Afterwards you cannot feel it at all, then gets a little sore a few hours later.
    My piercer told me not to clean it for 24 hours, then gently clean it (With Clean Hands!) with carex handwash twice a day, and do occasional sea salt compress every other day. I also sleep with a bandaid/ plaster on it just so I dont get it caught anywhere. Looks great atm, even though I knocked it and I bruised it a few days in, but it still looks fine. Sometimes I still get twangs of soreness in it.. Don’t know if this is normal or not but I figured it was healing. No redness or rejection signs as of yet.
    Got mine done at Wiseguys in Rotherham, England, and it cost me ,Β£35 with gem. Kate is a very talented piercer and the only person I trust with piercing me.
    It will scar when its taken out! So if you’re worried about that or on the fence with anything, dont get it done!

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