Male body piercing

Male Body PiercingHello guys! Shall we tell the girls something more about our most sacred body parts and how they can be pierced?

OK – allow me to fulfill this important mission!

So – the most common male body piercing is “Prince Albert piercing”. You certainly have heard about it because the very name “Prince Albert piercing” is used as a synonym describing male genital piercing in general.

It’s the same misconception as when we, guys, speak about female body piercing and would often say ‘she’s got a clit piercing’ although in reality it would refer to a horizontal hood piercing.

This piercing enters just underneath the glans, to be more precise – at the frenulum and goes through the urethra emerging at the top of the penis. The piercing process is the least painful from all the male body piercings and also heals quickly.

A version of this male genital piercing is a reverse Prince Albert piercing where the piece of body jewelry enters through the urethra and emerges on the top part of the glans. Both of these male body piercing types can carry rings as well as curved barbells.

Another ‘easy’ male body piercing is frenum piercing when the skin under the glans is pierced whether using a barbell or a ring. This is the most sensitive part of man’s genitals, so I’d imagine the frenum piercing would add to the sensations during love making.

The next very common male genital piercing is ampallang – and in this case a straight barbell goes horizontally through the body of the glans. It may go through the urethra or right above it, but guys find the healing better if the piercing is performed through the urethra. The reason – the passing urine facilitates the healing process and besides the piercing kind of divides into two separate piercings which heal faster than a longer one would.

This male body piercing is a comparatively painful and takes much longer to heal than the “Prince Albert piercing”. It can take you up to 6 months to heal completely – just as the next male body piercing –

Apadravya when a barbell goes through the glans of penis vertically. Yes, this piercing may also take up to a year to heal properly, and isn’t as easy as the Prince Albert one. However, some guys claim that it’s painless and fast healing. Obviously everything depends on the person, after all!

Oh yes, by the way, it’s said that apadravya male body piercing provides the most pleasure to the girls during love making. I guess it’s because the positioning of the body jewelry in this case makes the barbell rub against the G-spot… Am I right? 🙂

Another male genital piercing type – dydoe – is performed through the rim of the glans and a straight barbell or a ring is used. This is one of the most painful types of male body piercing.

Scrotal piercings – when the skin surrounding the testicles is pierced. Can be performed just about anywhere in the scrotum. Healing period – 3 – 9 months.

A very interesting male body piercing – Pound Puppy is inserted in the urethra and then attached to an ampallang piercing and two Prince Albert piercings. This piercing is fairly rare due to the fact that you first need to have three genital piercings to insert the Pound Puppy into your member!

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