Make Sure It’s A Cathcy One!

By Nora, from Gainesville, USA.

Last year,(when i was elven years of age!) i was in my basement with my fifteen year old brother and our friends, they were playing play sittion three and me and my friend were just talking with the and hanging outt. The subject of piercings came up and I asked my brother what he thought looked cool on a girl. He said that cartilage looked really nice and pretty. Next he told me ‘Nora, you should get a cartilage piercing!” I had always thought they looked pretty, So i went upstairs and my mom said “Sure, why not?” I was so excited i ran downstairs and told my brother i’m going to get a piercing and i’ll be back soon! I grabbed my friend and sprinted upstairs.So my mommy told us to get in the car, I’ll take you to get it done! She took me and my friend to Claire’s in the mall( BIGG Mistakee!!). The lady ask me what jewelry i wanted. I just got a plain stud. She loaded up her piercing gun and pierced it. It only stung a bit. After it was kinda sore. So we payed the girl and left. When w left the cold air felt really nice on it ! I cleaned it two times every day and it healed nicely. While looking online about what and what i shouldn’t do and when i should change it and such, i stumbled across something. The women did it completely wron and stunted my healing process. What id didn’t know was that she should have used a needle instead of a gun. That’s what made it kind of painful, and made it keep healing for almost a year. But, oh well, its healed and pretty. It was only sore for a couple hours- i even slept on it that night. For Christmas this year I got a pretty pink, purple and blue sparkle stud 😀 I’m really happy i got it and in a couple of days i’m getting my belly button pierced! I cannot waitt! I will submit a story when i do get it :DD

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  1. I am fifteen years old, and have seven piercings, including a cartilage piercing on my right ear and a navel piercing.

    Getting your cartilage pierced hurts no matter where you get it done, but not nearly as much when you get it via piercing needle.I would never advise anyone to get a piercing done using a gun as they cause more trauma to the ear and cannot be properly sterilized. I would also recommend anyone getting a piercing done at a reputable piercing shop- which does not include wal-mart or Macy’s, as these piercers are not always required to have a legitimate piercers license.

    The good news is that navel piercings hurt considerablt less than cartilage piercings.

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