First Piercing Lower Lip Done by Myself!

This lower lip piercing story was submitted by Tia from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Lower lip self piercing

Ever since middle school I had wanted to get my lip pierced and I begged my parents and they just wouldn’t let me. So, I did it by myself with a tack and of course it got infected when I was 13. Then, my dad finally gave in but said I had to pay for it so I saved my money and he brought me.

He didn’t know I needed a birth certificate… I had to wait 🙁 Apparently they lost my birth certificate and so he got a new one and I kept begging for him to bring me back but he refused because I’m old enough to get a job now and “I can’t get a job with piercings.”

At this point I took matters into my own hands. All I asked for was Amazon gift card for Christmas of 2013 and that’s exactly what I got so I bought a piercing kit and a ton of labrets and the kit came with either labrets , barbells, or rings. I chose rings which I personally believe are best for healing.

So it all came in the mail on 12/28/2013 and Amazon messed up my order and gave me barbells instead of rings. So I went into my closet because I had a ring but didn’t have the balls which I had now from the barbells. On the 29th I decided tonight is the night I do it.

I was shaking so bad when I did it and was so scared of what my family would say. I totally forgot about it by morning and walked into the living room and all my mom had to say to me is it better not get infected. I took really good care of it and didn’t take it out for a month and a half. It healed perfect and looks amazing ❗


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