LiP FiAsCo

By Jesus Canela, San Bernardino, CA

Lip piercing story

Well first my name is jesus and im 15, and i live in san bernardino!!!

i first started noticing piercings when i was 14 and ever since i loved how they looked. Right now i Have exactly 8 piercingz!!! WooW right!! 😎 My FiRsT Piercing was snake bitez!! i got them don at a shop called Lucky Seven. i really was excited not like all the other people who are all like omg the needle and the pain and etc..

at the shop the piercer was a man with alot of tatooz!! He first incerted a needle through my lip and then the piercingz i chose, that were silver hoops. after he was done my lip was all fat and red!!! πŸ˜† it felt wierd!!

my second piercing was my tongue, unlike all the other people out there that say that it hurts, trust me it does not hurt at ALL!!! Wen i got it done i couldn’t talk or eat anything hard for a while. It’s kinda funny when u try to talk cuz u don’t prunounce the wordz right!!! πŸ˜†

and third piercing was my ear. i got an industrial ear piercing that goes through both sidez of your ear. i just have to say one thing about that… OWCH!! that hurt so badly! but it was wurth it.

my fourth ,and final piercing, was my bottom lip. u know like right under your bottom lip from the mouth, in the middle . well after that that piercing evry body just started looking at me like im sorta different and start judging me becuz .. well i have piercingz.

But i dont let that stuff get too me becuz i know wat i like and who i am sooo whatever people!!! πŸ˜† well thatz my story!!!


  1. Glad your so happy with your piercings =) but you really ought to run your words through spell-check first…also, I have 23 piercings, so 8 is really…er…nothing πŸ˜‰ and its sort of obvious people are going to look at you and judge you differently, your not in the mainstream, but I’m happy that you dont give a damn about what others think. πŸ˜€

  2. i only have 14 piercings but i plan on getting WAY more! also learn how to spell. 8 remember when i only had 8… it seems like a life time ago, lol.

  3. So I’ve got 15 and my ticking mum’s not letting me get my lip pierced( spiderbites on each side) sooo yea 8… not really anything.. yet
    dude every1s gna luk @ yhuu like ure sum sorta wierdo… Trust me where i’m frm only lobes are acceptable… So do wht ure doing now and here’s sum shifty advice tell them I don’t give a shit what you think (if they don’t luk like they can KYA or anything like that) if they say any bull…
    I always wanted an industrial… How bad duz it hurt out of 10


  4. I got my First piercing at like what 13? same with my first tattoo and iv had nape,labrett , snakebites,belly button,tounge, nose, ears and others, no biggy . But your pree cute ;P lmao

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