Labret Studs

Labret StudA labret stud is worn on a body piercing called a labret piercing, so called because it is done at the facial lip or labrum. It is the lower lip that is generally pierced.

If you are the sort that likes a bit of history, then you will be interested to know that labret piercing goes as far back as the 14th century to the Aztecs in Mexico and the Mayans among whom the males of higher caste had a labret piercing and wore labret studs.

You would be surprised to know that the labret piercing is also called the Mao as it is believed that it has its origins from Mao Zedong, a Chinese leader who had a mole below his lower lip.

Check out the labret stud styles below!

Labret Body Jewelry

Internally Threaded Labret Rings

Some people prefer what is called fishtail labrets. The labret stud is designed as a straight bar attached to a flat disc at one end and a bead or spike at the other. The disc end rests on the inner lip while the bead or spike is visible outside. The bar sits in the piercing.

Actually you can wear the labret stud with a variety of other piercings also like the inner and outer conch piercing. This is a piercing done at the innermost shell of the ear near the ear canal or the outer shell. Labret studs can also be worn on hand web piercings.

The labret stud is worn in different types of labret piercings. Labret piercings vary based on where they are located on the lower lip. Some people wear a vertical labret stud through the top of the lower lip instead of the front of the lip tissue. You can get snake bite piercings which are really two piercings close to each other and look like fangs. Here you can wear two labret studs. A labret piercing very low closer to the chin is the lowbret. You can also wear labret studs on upper lip piercings and frenulum.

Labret studs range in size from 18 gauge to 8 gauge, though the standard size is 14 gauge. You will find them in steel, titanium acrylic and gold. Apart from the common labret stud that has a disc and a bead, you can also get internally threaded labret studs where you can unscrew both ends so that you can add a variety of designs to it.


  1. hey! great information here. This may be a stupid question, but is it impossible to get a labret piercing with braces? Also.. do you have to get the piercing right under your lip.. or can you get it a bit lower?

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