Is It Safe To Drink Beer After Having Oral Piercing?

Drink Beer After Oral PiercingOne of the questions that comes up as soon as you get an oral piercing is whether it is safe to drink beer.

You have probably got this hot party lined up and can’t miss it! If anyone has told you that drinking beer can cause yeast infection around your oral piercing, then don’t believe it. It is a myth!

This misconception arises from the belief that any brewed alcoholic beverage can make the piercing develop yeast infection. Read on to find out why this is not true!

Yeasts come in different types. While one type of yeast helps bake bread, some act in brewing beer. Yet others are disease causing. Now we obviously know that bakers and brewers will hardly be using disease-causing yeast. This means, the yeast you can eat cannot suddenly transform into disease-causing yeast, can it? Certainly not.

Disease causing yeast affects people with weak immune systems and low resistance. Oral yeast infections are generally caused by Candida, which is present in the mucus membrane of every healthy person. Sometimes, these cause infections due to various reasons.

Coming to the kind of yeast used by beer brewers, there are two types called top fermenting and bottom fermenting yeasts to produce different types of beers. There is a big variety of yeasts used for different beers and brewing styles. Bavarian and Belgian beers use different strains of yeast for their unique flavors, for example.

As you can see, research shows that none of the yeasts used by brewers and bakers are Candida variants (just go to 7th page of that document!). This means Candida has nothing to do with beer brewing. It also means that it is absolutely safe to drink beer since the yeast used in it will not cause any infections. Beer yeast does not cause diseases.

It is rather unfortunate that some uninformed individuals will tell you about oral piercings reacting with an infection to drinking beer. So tell your friends safely that they can go right ahead and enjoy those few pints without any fear of oral piercing infections. Some quick research online will prove it to you from reliable sources like the Association of Professional Piercers that beer is safe after you get your oral piercing.

Cheers! 😉


  1. Oh thank god! i had mine done last week, and i havent had any real problems with swelling or anything, but the past few days its been weeping so i came online to see if that was normal, and everyone was like “DONT DRINK BEER”….which i have, and quite a bit of it since i got it pierced. so thanks, what a relief! x

  2. Omggg my tongue is throbbing i just got it peirced 4 days ago !! I drank a beeer few hours agoo ! Is this normal or wtf going on?!

  3. Really, the main reason to avoid alcohol is the same for piercings as tattoos. It thins your blood and as for a specifically oral piercing, it acts as an irritant-somewhat lengthening the time it takes to heal.

  4. I’m gettig my tongue pierced on Monday because it’s my birthday. My buddys and I want to play beerpong afterwards so I was worried lol

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