Is Genital Piercing Really That Painful And Can Get Easily Infected?

Is Genital Piercing Painful and can get infected?Nothing could be further from the truth. Genital piercings are just like other body piercings. About the only thing you should note is that some genital piercings could be more sensitive than others simply because most people are a bit scared to pierce that area.

Where you get piercing on your genitals – that is placement – makes a big difference. The good news is – some genital piercings are almost painless! πŸ™‚

As far as infections go, what you must take care is to ensure that you follow all the aftercare instructions given to you by your piercer. If you compare the chances of infections in genital piercings and other body piercings, it is just about the same.

So, as soon as you decide to get your genital piercing, first decide where you want to wear the jewelry. Men usually get piercings done on the foreskin, penis and scrotum. Some go for a piercing under the penile tissue. The hottest male genital piercing is the Prince Albert, which is supposed to enhance your sexual experience.

For women, since the genitals are low on tissue content, the most popular piercing areas are the clitoral hood. You can also get a vertical clitoral hood piercing and this can be stimulating during sex. It heals fast and is fun! πŸ˜‰Β  Some women like to get their inner or outer labia pierced.

Thus, the risk associated with genital piercing are the same as any body piercing. Infection can be avoided with good aftercare and hygiene – simple as that!

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  1. I got a vertical hood piercing and seriously just the rubbing alcohol or whatever the piercer used to clean the area burned so intensely i barley felt the needle go through the only other part that hurt was screwing the ball on but thats about it.

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