Inverted Nipple Piercing – Does It Really Help to Fix Inverted Nipples?

Inverted Nipple PiercingNipple piercing is reaaaaaly sexy – some say that it makes the nipples more sensitive! 🙂 Nowadays, inverted nipple piercing is also becoming popular because it has the benefit of inverted nipples correction. Some find it very embarrassing to have inverted nipples – one way to rectify this is to get inverted nipple piercing done.

What Inverted Nipple Piercing Involves

The piercer pulls out the inverted nipple and then pierces it. The jewelry which is worn then keeps it in an erect position. The process is simple when you have it done by an experienced expert.  The piercing is done at the base of the nipple’s erect part.

Both men and women go in for inverted nipples correction by getting them pierced. Some people just get the left or the right one done, as per choice. The piercing can be done vertically, horizontally or at an angle that is neither vertical nor horizontal. Some people get adventurous and get two piercings done on the same nipple. The inverted nipple piercing is generally done with 14 gauge for men and 16 gauge for women. Barbells and rings are the popular jewelry used.

What To Watch Out For In Inverted Nipple Piercing

Make sure to let your piercer know if your nipples are inverted or flat in advance so that he or she knows exactly what to do. It can also avoid a lot of discomfort.

The ring or barbell used must be large enough so that it doesn’t hurt even if there’s a swelling. Care must be taken not to pierce the fatty tissue of the areola since this can result in ‘mastitis’, a serious condition. Make sure to see a hygienic and experienced piercer who knows how to do the piercing. He or she should know the right way to handle an inverted nipple piercing. Sometimes, even after piercing, the ring or barbell can be rejected as the nipple sometimes tries to invert itself again. The piercer must pierce the nipple at the right spot to avoid migration. Migration happens when a part of the body pulls in the opposite direction from the piercing. This can cause problems.

The correct sized barbell must be used. If it is too short, the nipple can invert itself again along with the barbell, resulting in an abscess that can be easily avoided by using the right size. Care instructions after you get the piercing must be strictly followed for a smooth experience. That said nipple piercing is a great method for inverted nipple correction! FACT! Did you know that 10 – 20% of ALL women have inverted nipples? 😉

Check out this nipple piercing story submitted by one of our blog readers!


  1. I got my left nipple done when i was 18. when my nipple got cold it would go inwards and hurt quite a bit so i decided to get it pierced, it took him 20 minutes to get my nipple out, it was painful, but worth it. my nipple no longer hurts when its cold 😀 i have to wear a bar as a ring gets pulled in with my nipple, oh and my partner loves it 😉

  2. I’ve had my nipples pierced for a few years now..and guys love it! I wear barbells, and they aren’t uncomfortable or anything. They look really sexy, and they’re hidden..So nobody else has to know they’re there 🙂

  3. iv got my nipple done(left) my bf loves it and i’m now considering getting the right done!x it does hurt but i just love that ‘after piercing high’ its sooooo worth it!x

  4. some say?? i am male and there is no question that it increases sensitivity. I think it hurt to sharply when pierced that it RE mapped that area in my brain or something 🙂

  5. ok, so like you girls I too have an inverted nipple.
    I’m at the age where now I know its gonna stay like that unless I get surgery or pierce it. I’m a bit self doubting about it, I feel like broken headlights haha, so somethings going to be done. but I have some concerns and was hoping to get some feed back. preferably by someone who has had an inverted nipple pierced.

    first question.
    since my left nipple tends to go inward when cold and even at some points inward so much to where it hurts. if i pierced it, would the muscle be strong enough to rip the bar out?? and if so are there options to be pierced with a plastic bar instead?? that’s prolly my number one concern.

    second question.
    I have some what of a prob with keloids. but I believe its because of not switching surgical steel to 14k gold after healing. I’ve only had this prob with my belly ring, since my ears were done with 14k gold from the start. what are the risks of nipple piercing keloids?? would they cause future problems such as breastfeeding??

    another thing was surgery.
    where they wouldn’t promise any change from cutting the tissue. apparently they also pierce the patients nipple afterwards because of the chance of it reverting back to normal. I figured why pay $600 if the only thing that seems to work is the piercing they apply afterwards, when I can pay around $100 for both nipples to be pierced at a parlour. would I benefit chances of better healing or chances of non rejection if done by a doctor??

  6. Surgery or piercing is not the only option for inverted nipples. There are things that can be worn to suck the nipple out and will eventually keep it out permanently. One thing is Called the Avent Nipplette and another thing is called Supple Nipps. Try that out or consider it 1st before you go for a more extreme option

    1. My nipples are or where inverted but Anon say I also used the Avent Nipplette and it did the job well I’m Happy yeah it coasts about $50 but well worth it

      1. Well, I´m using the niplette and my nipples are only erect for a while, I´ve been using almost half a year during the night… I´m thinking very serious to pierce my inverted nipples

  7. i got my nipz done nd there great didnt hurt a bit kinda laughed, it was great also got my lip nd nose done…nd now thinking of dermals but dont want to look like a pin cushion lol

  8. both of my nipples are inverted and i was thinking about getting them pierced but from reading what yall guys say about getting it done i need help on a good place to go in brooklyn or manhattan new york. can anyone please help?

  9. Hi!

    I have had inverted nipples all my life. Like, seriously inverted. There was NO way of making them ‘pop out.’ I’ve always felt so weird and different and if a boy wanted to feel me up he got pushed away. I hated it. I wanted to be able to sunbathe topless with my friends without feeling self-conscious and actually have my nipples stand up when I was cold!! SO, I ordered the Avent nipplettes online. I started using them but they are so inconvenient, they don’t stay on at night, you have to wear a really loose bra during the day so it’s impossible to wear them out, or under a sports bra or tight top. I found that when i was reaaaaally diligent (wearing them all day every day for a week) my nipples would stick out for maybe an hour max, then sneak back in. I thought about surgery but it’s too costly and embarrassing. So I decided to go with the piercing option. I’d read about great results online so I wore the nipplette on my left nipple for a week, went to the piercer and took it off just before the needle went in. I got a big bar (not sure what size sorry, about 20mm) and my nipple is OUT!!!! FINALLY! Not to mention it is far more sensitive (my nipples were never sensitive before) and I love it. I’m getting my right nipple done the same way next week. I can’t wait for summer so I can show off my boobs!! Never thought i’d say that!

    Make sure the piercer is experienced too. tell them, believe me they’ve seen it all before. I was embarrassed at first but they made me feel completely at ease and they will know what size bar to give you if they know you’re an ‘innie.’ Oh and it doesn’t hurt much and I’m a wuss with pain. Get them to spray the freezing spray on beforehand and easy peasy. A bit tender afterwards BUT SO WORTH IT. Now i just need a boyfriend to show them to!

    1. Hi Alice. Thank you for sharing such a personal story. It’s nice to learn more about the opposite sex. I am a happily married husband, caucasian, 42. My wife and I have grown in years so much in our relationship, various forms of foreplay, and even into swinging with others if the conditions are right. (However, protection is a must. We are discreet.) Good communication and complete honesty puts away our fears, and false beliefs about the other sex. Most women do not need to be ashamed of their body!! A lot of men like some kind of oddity about their partner, although they may not admit it. Makes you who you are as an individual. Remember, with guys everything is visual. At least now doctors have come a long way with the surgeries, sometimes the results can fool you. I’m happy you are proud of your breasts. Would love to see a pic; that is if you don’t mind. I’m trying to be brave enough to get a Prince Albert piercing for my wife. If I can only endure the pain! I’d be willing to exchange a pic in the next few weeks. Glad to blog with other open minded people! Thanks!

  10. I just noticed my nipple is inverted a little while ago, and I’ve been looking into getting my nipples pierced. My nipple is not really inverted when I say that I mean its if I my boyfriend touches it or when it gets hard it will still come out, and eventually goes back in. I’m still nervous it will try to go back in after I have it pierced.

  11. My nipples were inverted. I would consider them to be a grade 3 inversion, so they didn’t come out when stimulated or anything. I ordered Supple Cups, which uses a suction to draw them out. And that helped draw them out temporarily. After they were drawn out, I had them pierced horizontally. They healed fine. No infection or anything, but the left one still wanted to invert. So I went yesterday and had them pierced vertically as well. I’m hoping that permanently fixes them from being inverted.

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