Internally Threaded Tongue Rings Are Best For Your Tongue Piercing

Internally Threaded Tongue RingsInternally threaded tongue rings are usually recommended for sensitive area piercing like the tongue so that it can heal fast with the least pain. Also, it can feel quite miserable to develop an infection on the tongue.

You definitely don’t want to damage that tongue piercing by using the wrong jewelry. Available in different sizes, designs and shapes, internally threaded tongue rings help you to enjoy a safe tongue piercing.

Some Benefits Of Internally Threaded Tongue Rings

You already know that the tongue will swell after you get it pierced. Internally threaded tongue rings minimize the swelling because they are soft on the piercing without irritating the area. This helps it to keep from being infected. As there is a constant flow of saliva, the tongue can go ahead and heal itself. Generally, tongue piercing is the fastest to heal when it comes to body piercing.

In internally threaded tongue rings, the threading is very carefully made so that no part of the thread comes in contact with the piercing. This is a major advantage compared to externally threaded jewelry where the threads can rub against the piercing when the bar is inserted. In internally threaded jewelry the threading is restricted to a threaded bar attached to the bead of the barbell. This bar fits inside the shaft of the barbell safely. Once tightened, it stays securely fixed. This kind of internally threaded tongue ring is costlier to manufacture, because of which it might be higher priced. But it is a small price to pay when you consider the benefits to you! πŸ™‚

The high quality internal threaded tongue rings you get at online stores have another major advantage: the thread that is glued to the bead is also inserted inside it to make it stronger.

After your tongue heals fully, you will need to replace the longer barbell with the right sized one. But avoid replacing it before the swelling is completely gone. You can even go in for internally threaded tongue rings where you only have to change the shaft or stem according to the size you want. Here you can use the same balls that screw off both the ends. The long stem goes and in its place, you get a shorter stem that is the right fit for your tongue. There is a wide choice in internally threaded tongue rings and you can choose the type you like best!


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