Internally Threaded Labret Rings – Look More Attractive Safely!

Internally Threaded Labret RingsLabret piercing is very popular and the most common types of jewelry used at the time of piercing are either studs or rings. Internally threaded labret rings come highly recommended due to their various benefits.

Expert piercers advise that it is better to get a labret piercing with an internally threaded labret ring.

Internal threading means lesser chances of infection as the shaft of the barbell that passes through the piercing will not hurt the piercing. Moreover, it speeds up the healing process, helping you heal faster. Internally threaded body jewelry is especially suggested for piercing located in delicate places for this very reason. The internal threading makes the jewelry stronger and more secure, without the danger of the stud or ring falling off.

The extra price you might pay for this type of jewelry is worth the benefits that you would enjoy. Because of its intricate system, it is costlier to manufacture. The threading has to be precisely set in the right part of the labret ring or stud. External jewelry is widely available but it is not recommended for a new piercing as the new piercing can get infected as well as take longer to heal when the threading grazes the piercing.

With internally threaded labret rings on the other hand, it is only the smooth shaft that is inserted into the piercing after which the bead with the threaded bar is fit into the shaft, never coming into contact with the piercing directly. To make the internally threaded labret ring stronger, the thread is glued to the ball, extending inside the ball.

With so many choices available in internally threaded labret rings, you can now enjoy a safer and more attractive labret piercing! 😉

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