Internally Threaded Belly Button Rings – Safer For Fresh Navel Piercing!

Internally threaded belly button rings are the best for belly button piercing because there are many benefits attached with this kind of body jewelry. The main advantage here is that internally threaded belly button rings do not harm the fresh piercing. This also makes sense for other delicately placed piercing in the sensitive areas of the body such as the tongue, the genitals etc.

There are two types of threaded belly button rings, externally and internally threaded. In the externally threaded type, the threads are on the outer surface at the end of the body jewelry shaft. A recess is made in the barbell’s ball into which this shaft goes. The disadvantage here is that when the threaded shaft passes through the new piercing, it can cause a slight additional damage. But with internally threaded belly button rings, a threaded bar is attached to the ball. The smooth shaft is inserted into the piercing, after which the ball with the threaded bar fits into the shaft, without touching the piercing! 🙂

Internally threaded belly button rings are a bit more expensive than other types as they are more intricate and difficult to make. The best kind of internally threaded belly button rings have the thread glued to the ball, in addition to the threaded bar being inserted inside it so that it is fully secure.

In internally threaded barbells the bar has smooth ends. This kind of jewelry is less traumatic on a piercing and also feels very comfortable while being inserted. Another benefit is that you are less likely to collect germs or bacteria in your new piercing, thus keeping it safe from infection.

The internally threaded belly button ring is also stronger than other jewelry. It is the best kind of jewelry you can wear in your belly button piercing as it is made from the best quality materials!

Internally threaded belly button rings can be straight, curved, horseshoe type or circular and are available in different gauges, depending on the kind of navel piercing that you have. Some of these barbells have pretty gemstones in different colors embedded in them.

Most of the online sites that sell internally threaded belly button rings are of good quality and usually made of titanium or surgical steel, both of which are safe materials to wear in your piercing. There is also quite a variety of shapes and designs available to choose from!

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