Industrial Piercing

Industrial PiercingWhen trying to choose a piercing, there are many different options that you have.

You could stick with the traditional and most common ear piercing, or you could be a little more adventurous and try out nipple or tongue piercings which are also quite popular.

However, if you are looking for something that little bit different then you may want to take a look at industrial piercings.

What is an Industrial Piercing?

An industrial piercing is basically two holes that are joined together by one single piece of jewellery. Typically they are mainly found at the top of the ear. However an industrial piercing can also be used in the navel, too.

If you are interested in a navel industrial piercing then you will usually have two separate piercings first. The piercer will pierce one part of the navel and then leave that to heal with a single piece of navel jewellery.

Then the next piercing will be made at the opposite end of the navel and that too will be left to heal. Once they have healed they can then be joined with a single bar ring. One thing that you should keep in mind is that if the jewellery that you choose puts any pressure onto either piercing, it could cause an infection. For this reason it would be a good idea to use flexible jewellery.

What you should know

You may find that you are not suited to a normal industrial piercing. However, unfortunately the piercer will not always tell you this. If they go ahead anyway and you are not a suitable candidate then it will cause problems and this is known as a “shallow industrial piercing”. It will likely cause scarring but if you are lucky you may get away with just an infection. So you need to be sure that you are suitable for an industrial piercing before you go ahead and get it done.

Industrial piercings are mainly situated at the top of the ear. They are sometimes otherwise known as scaffold piercings and one piercing is made close to the head whereas the other is made a little further down the cartilage. This gives the piercing a diagonal appearance. There are not as many different types of jewellery that you can use with an industrial piercing. However, they can look great if you are an ideal candidate for one!


  1. Hi everyone!

    I would really enjoy an industrial ear piercing but i am not an ideal candidate- is their a way to get something that looks like this?

    could i get two cartlidge piercings and find a flexible ring or am i out of luck….

    Thanks for the feedback

  2. Hi, an alternative to the standard industrial ‘scaffold’ piercing, is to have a surface bar (staple) fitted through two standard helix piercings, leaving the two balls on the outside, and a bar mounted across the visible surface of the ear.

    I hope that helps


  3. i js got my industrial ears pierced. the guy that pierced it for me used the needle.
    ever since i got it pierced, it’s been non-stop hurting
    .. it mostly feels like a bruise; and i also feel the blood closeby. when i try cleaning the very top one, it hurts & everything.

    is this normal?

  4. yes that is normal. it takes up to 6 months to a year to heal. I got mine done almost 3 weeks ago and its still swollen a little but it doesnt hurt. you should be fine

  5. i got my industrial piercing maybe a little over a month ago & i think the piercer pierced it too close to the edge of my cartilage on the top. it looks like if i pull on the earring accidently, the bar is gonna rip right through the skin. i don’t want to take it out & risk an infection getting caught in it, but i don’t want to rip my cartilage & the spot is so sensitive. can anyone help me, please? i dont know what to do.

  6. Steph…i’ve been looking everywhere for someone with that problem. i’ve got the same problem.. i can’t decide what i should do to mine. it looks as if it’ll just pop out in the blink of an eye..

  7. I thnx outta all u guys i had mines da longest nd it kinda still hurts espeacially wen i change da barbell but dnt worry after gettin it its suppose to hurt nd it does take awhile to heal so for all u guys who just gettin it it totally safe..

  8. So I’m 13 & I want to get my ear done with an industrial. I have reallllllyyyy long hair. Would that cause a problem?

  9. i got mine done for my 13th birthday, and im 14 now and it still hurts but only when i change the barbells, my advice is dont put sleepers in and then straight away go back to the barbell, because i had to almost take mine out because i was stupid and tried to shove a twisted barbell in but i didnt no how to but it in and i almost ripped my skin….but anyway they are really easy to look after….and yeah they will hurt for a while!! oh and silver rose i have really long hair…it doesnt pertically matter just be a bit careful with the brush and combs and that around it 🙂

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