How To Put In A Nose Ring Easily

If you are wondering how to put in a nose ring, you are not alone. Nose piercings are very trendy and as long as you take care to follow your piercer’s aftercare instructions, there is no reason why you shouldn’t start enjoying wearing different kinds of nose piercing jewelry like studs, screws and rings. Lets look at each of these in turn!

How To Put In Nose Studs

Also called nose bones or nose barbells, nose studs are a shaft with a small ball at one end and a bigger one at the other. When you insert the shaft into your piercing, the ball is visible on the piercing, while at the inner end, your nose stud is held in place by the smaller ball. You get these in different gauges, sizes, materials, designs and colors with and without gemstones, dangles and logos that sparkle as you move, making your nose stud really noticeable! 😉

How To Put in Nose Screws

With nose screws you just insert the shaft through the piercing. These start by being somewhat straight and then bending into a C-shaped curve. The straight portion sits in the piercing. You can start by cleaning the piercing according to your piercer’s instructions. Then, place the flat of your thumb under the piercing inside your nose, pressed against the piercing, expanding it a bit on the outside. Now gently insert the pointed end of the nose screw from the outer hole, turning it clockwise as you go, so that you are actually screwing it in. The moment you feel the nose screw’s tip against your thumb, remove the thumb and screw in the nose screw to let it slide in. The curved portion of the nose screw will stop it from coming off.

How To Put In A Nose Ring That Is L- Shaped

These come with a right-angled L shaped tail that stops the jewelry from falling off and are very easy to insert.
If you would like to see a demo of how to put in a nose ring, here’s a video that shows you how:

You might want to check out all three types of nose piercing jewelry after your piercing is well-healed.

Which one suits you best will depend on your personal choice and how comfortable you are wearing them and how easy they are to insert and take off!

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  1. i have my nose pierced and my L-shaped stud keeps gettin stuck between the layers of my skin inside my nose is this normal?

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