How Important It Is To Get A Professional Piercing

Professional Body PiercingBody piercing is so popular that you will find plenty of piercers claiming to be the best. Once you decide to get a body piercing done, you want to find a qualified, experienced professional piercer who will do a great job and tell you how to take care of it so that the piercing heals quickly without infections or complications.

But how do you know who is the professional piercer to go to? Here are some tips to help you. You don’t want to catch an HIV or Hepatitis infection simply because the piercer uses dirty instruments and does not care about hygiene!

Ok, let us get going with the tips! These are things to do before you get your piercing.

• The first thing you need to do is check out the piercer’s studio. Take a good look around to see if the place is clean. A professional studio will have easy to clean surfaces!

• The professional piercer must wear surgical gloves, which they change for different customers. They must wash their hands often. If they have any cuts on their hands, those must be covered.

• The piercers themselves must appear clean and tidy.

• Piercers must use sterilized single use needles and throw them away once used on a client.

• Avoid the studio if it uses a gun for piercing, as guns cannot be properly sterilized and they’re not professional piercing equipment!

• Ask as many questions as you want regarding the piercer’s experience and training. If they belong to any professional piercing association, they will display their credentials!

• Professional piercers will give you the right advice regarding the type of jewelry you should wear on your piercing and the proper aftercare instructions. Read these before your piercing!

In case you don’t have a good feeling about the studio, check another place out. Price is certainly not a criterion to use a piercing studio. Lastly the studio you go to must have a license to be in business.

Most piercers will not hesitate to show you their portfolio of professional piercings and this will give you an idea of their work!

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