Gone Wrong To Right

By Kelsie Bordeleau, Echo-Bay, ON , Canada

Lip Piercing Story

I was sitting in class one day and I’ve had my lip done before but it was done wrong because I did it myself so I took it out. Anyways and I thought to myself going to pierce my lip again but this time actually right.

So I went home and stuck a 14g sewing needle not to mention dull as hell into my lip. It was all fine until I couldn’t get the stud through – I got it mostly through but it wouldn’t go through the last couple layers of skin on the outside.

So I started picking at it with a sharper needle to pick it through so I basically dug a whole in my face so the labret stub would go through. I have my navel and nose pierced too but I got my navel professionally and my nose myself again….

It’s been about a week and my lip stop swelling and it’s just scabbing around the ring…but during school at lunch I was eating a wrap – this was the day after I pierced it – and my lip puffed up so much that it was hurting because my stud wasn’t long enough for it to heal in.

So me and my friend went to the bathroom and she also had her lip done but it’s healed and she took out my stud and harshly shoved the hoop she had in through my lip.

It swelling even more for like three days and now it’s fine and look awesome and I plan to pierce the other side for snake bites! 😉


  1. sounds like a great way to get many nasty infections. never share rings, and never pierce on your own unless you are willing to get hiv, hep, and shit loads of things

  2. i completely agree with matt. NEVER share ANY type of rings and it’s such a bad idea to do piercings yourself. You never know, something could go wrong.

  3. yea i agree with the other 2 you should never pierce your lip yourself or let any1 do it unless they are a pro. i did that and it turns out the guy who did it had aids and i found that out later when it was done. luckily i ddnt get them. so i learned my lesson. now i only let pros. do it for me 🙂

  4. Ditto with everyone’s comments, self piercings are a really bad idea, and that is a polite understatement.
    It looks great on you but you should get it done professionally unless you don’t mind all the risks of infection and diseases and scarring

  5. Heyy…
    I pierced my lip myself and nothing went wrong… Except I had 2 take it out… Mum got pissed 😛 Self piercing only becomes hazardous when you have no idea WTF ure doing and dude sharing rings is pretty bad as well I guess… But
    yhuu luk great =P

  6. Hey, im not trying to be rude but are you crazy? you dont realise how lucky you are. Piercing yourself is extremely dangerous and you could of contracted all sorts of things including blood poisoning. if you want a piercing go to a licensed professional piercer in a hygenic studio. You may think im exagerating but people have died from infections from piercings. and the whole sharing jewelery thing is even more shocking and pretty disgusting. Im really not trying to be a bitch but just be more careful and dont do something that you could regret for the remainder of your life.

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