From pain to pretty :)

By Brittany from Latham.

I decided to get my first piercing other than my lobes when i was 15. I decided that I would get my tragus pierced.

I wasnt very sure what all was going to happen, because it was kinda a spurr of the moment thing. But the reason i thought of it, was because, my mom & sister got a tattoo & I wasnt old enough yet to get one, so i just decided to get a piercing.

My cousin had her tragus done & i thought it was really cute, so thats how i decided to do that specific one. I went to the place, my mom & sister went to, to get there tattoo, for my piercing. It was at “just a little prick” i deffinatly reccomend that place btw.

But anyways, once i got in there, we had to fill out some paper work & we payed, which it was 35$. She told be to sit down on the piercing bed, & she told me to lay my head to the side, & while i did that, she showed me the needle, & she cleaned everything. & then she marked my tragus, & told me to breathe in and out, while i breathed out, she stuck the needle thru, followed y the hoop. It wasnt a great pain, but it did sting. afterward. my ear was very hot, & it hurt to touch.

But i cleaned it with wound wash & after about, a month or so, it still wasnt healed, but it had developed, like a puss pouch & i popped it which was very painful. But she said it was “normal” & I just needed to clean it more. Its been about 8 months now, & it is completly healed & looks adorable, i deffinatly reccomend it, now i have 10 piercing & more to come 🙂

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