First and Second

By Kisha Jodoin, Cornwall, Ontario.


For quit sometime I always wanted to get a piercing done,other then my ears.I have always wanted my belly button done,but of course I was too young at the time. Instead for my fourteenth birthday I had gotten a Monroe piercing. It was my moms idea.I asked all of my friends if it was a good idea to get it done and if it would look alright on me.They all agreed.

I was nervous but excited all at once.I really didn’t know and piercing studios,so my mom called around and found a great studio “TerryLynns”,she was well known.The day was finally here,as i walked into TerryLynns I was getting nervous.Terry (the piercer) explained everything that she was going to do.The piercing process was done before I even knew it.It didn’t hurt at all,but people kept asking me if it did.Which got really annoying.The great news was in healed perfectly fine.

About nine months go by…

I was still thinking about getting another piercing.They are really neat.It was around Christmas and of course I didn’t know what I wanted.I’ve thought about something I always wanted and it was to get my belly button pierced.I asked for that and the week before Christmas I went to “TerryLynns”,
it was a different girl this time that pierced my belly button.

She had a hard time getting the ring it.But it wasn’t painful.
Couple weeks went by and my belly button was healing just fine.As I thought.I was following the directions and everything for the healing process.But my belly button got infected,really bad.Everyone told me to take it out,but knowing me,I would never do that.Its something i’ve always wanted.I was determined to keep it in.To get it checked out I went back to “TerryLynns” and she cleaned it all out,gave me a new ring and explained how to clean it with the stuff she gave me.Now my belly button is all healed and fine.Thank God

Both my piercings are perfectly fine now and I couldn’t be happier with the results 😀

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  1. Hmm… where I live you have to be 14 to get belly button, sixteen for anything facial, and 18 for anything genitalia like.

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