Female body piercing

Female Body PiercingFemale body piercing refers to female genital piercing and there is a dozen of known variations to it.

However, there are a few main types of female body piercing and the rest are quite rare including some extremely rare female genital piercings like hymen piercing.

So here are the most popular female body piercing types sorted.

Clit piercing

This is what you’d hear most often when someone talks about female body piercing. For example, you’d hear that Christina Aguilera has her clit pierced. However, most likely (well, I don’t really know about Christina 🙂 ) that they’re talking about the clitoral hood piercing.

You see, the horizontal hood piercing is maybe the most popular of female body piercings. And the funny thing is that men don’t always know the opposite gender’s anatomy well enough to differ between the clitoral hood and the clitoris itself. You think it’s crazy? Well, sadly it’s true!

But generally we should understand that when someone talks about clit piercings, it’s a simplified way of referring to female body piercing in general.

But, of course, true clit piercings are performed and if the girl has this body part large enough – why not?

Variations of the clit piercing:

null Vertical hood piercing – usually a curved barbell used.
null Triangle piercing – usually a ring used.
null Christina or Venus piercing – usually a surface bar or a curved barbell used.

Labia piercing

This type of the female body piercing is exactly what it says – either the outer or the inner labia are pierced. Or both! Or multiple times!

The outer labia tend to heal longer than the inner one because the piercing has to travel through a lot of tissue and the healing may take up to 2 – 3 months. However, the inner labia piercings heal very fast – like the horizontal hood piercings.

A variation of a labia piercing is Fourchette piercing – usually a curved or straight barbell is used to insert into this female body piercing which is performed at the bottom part of the vagina.

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