Eyebrow Piercing Experience

This eyebrow piercing experience video was sent in my Aleta from Vegas! Thanks! 😉

This is my right eyebrow piercing and I decided to get it done when I was 18 in Merced, California.

I don’t really know why I decided to get it done – I was just being rebellious or something like that. 😉

I got it done in some little shop where I was living at the time.

I didn’t hurt at all actually when I got it done.

Eyebrow Piercing Experience

I think I paid something like 30 dollars to get it done and it healed really easily, it didn’t really hurt or scab over, bleed or anything.

The only difficulty I had with this one was that the piercer who pierced it did it a little bit longer – kind of an in-between sizes of most piercings so it’s a bit difficult to get the right size piercing for it.

But otherwise I haven’t had any difficulties with my eyebrow piercing ever since!


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