Eyebrow Body Jewelry

Eyebrow body jewelryEyebrow body jewelry looks great on almost anyone! Eyebrow piercing, among the most popular facial piercings, is done above the corner of the eye at the eyebrow where the tissue is thicker. The eyebrow body jewelry used as soon as the piercing is done is usually a barbell or a 1 mm ball closure ring.

Generally eyebrow body jewelry you will usually come across is the eyebrow barbells, studs and rings. Both women and men use the 8 mm rings, but many piercers feel that barbells help heal the piercing faster as the movement is lesser than the ring.

You will find a range of eyebrow body jewelry like plain rings, captive bead eyebrow rings, barbells, rings set with gemstones of different colors, precious jewelry with diamonds and so on. The choice of metal is silver, gold, platinum, surgical grade steel and titanium.

Straight eyebrow rings come in pretty passion pink, striking sapphire blue, cool crystalline double gem design with three mm balls. Eve more eye-catching is the Amethyst Cubic Zirconia Star Curved Eyebrow Ring that will really add some sparkle to your appearance. In this curved eyebrow body jewelry you will also find pink, green, crystalline and aqua gems set in a heart shaped peace sign setting.

The playboy bunny logo eyebrow ring in pink, blue and steel look very charming. If you are in a playful mood, look at the ultra violet acrylic dice eyebrow rings in bright orange, green and yellow available as straight and horseshoe shaped rings.

If you like to keep it simple, check out the plain 14 karat yellow gold 16 gauge Classic solid gold barbell in a 10mm length. The gold is lead and nickel free. This gold barbell is available as a curved ring with sparkling zirconium at the ends, or with cones. Curved barbells in surgical grade steel also come with a variety of acrylic studs in different colors at the ends or epoxy peace hearts, or keyholes set in pink and red heart shapes.

You can also get black Bioplast curved barbells with different logos like smiley face, dolphin, flame, male-female logo, pirate logo, the yin yang, etc. Bioplast as you know is the most body friendly material for eyebrow body jewelry and a really comfortable fit.

So go ahead, enjoy browsing this huge collection, and make your choice!


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  1. I would like to buy both of these…
    Green Pot Leaf Eyebrow Ring and Blue Peace Heart Eyebrow Ring
    But you do not seem to carry it any more. Are you able to order/make these for me? so I can order them please.

    I plan to get this one too: Solid 14KT Yellow GOLD Cubic Zirconia Eyebrow Ring 16 Gauge 5/16″ 3mm

    1. Dave, I’m afraid the Pot leaf and Blue Heart rings are not available anymore. The gold ring can be found in our shop on the homepage listed under 14k Gold Body Jewelry. Its the first product on the page and currently has free worldwide delivery. Hope its what your after.

  2. Hi i really like these rings but im still not sure that they are fake? As in no whole needed? Can you please tell me if they are or not if there is such thing?

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