Extreme Body Piercing

Extreme Body PiercingBody piercing is really popular these days, with most people sporting at least one piercing on their body. Whether it be their ears, nose, tongue or belly button; people just love the way that piercings make them look!

For some people, once they have had their first piercing they want more and that is when extreme body piercing often comes in.

What is Extreme Body Piercing?

Extreme body piercing involves having parts of the body pierced that most people wouldn’t even dream of. It gives a really unique appearance, though for some people it can be cringing if they are squeamish.

One popular form of extreme body piercing is flesh stapling. This is a type of piercing that shows the middle section of the body jewellery that you wear instead of the ends of it. Just like a staple the ends are inserted into the skin, leaving only the middle part of the jewellery, such as a body bar, exposed.

The method has been developed similar to that of surface bars and pocketing. However, thanks to the way that it is done flesh stapling has a very good chance of healing. A skin elevator and a scalpel are used to create flesh stapling piercings.

Another type of extreme body piercing which you may be interested in is the transscrotal piercing. This is where the piercing goes from inside the body from the front of the scrotum to the back of it. It is performed the same way that most other types of piercings are with a needle and a clamp. If you choose to have this type of piercing then it would be worth knowing exactly where about on the scrotum you would like the piercing to go.

It is a frequent problem that people regret the placing of their transscrotal piercing as they feel that it is situated too far down. So be clear of where you want the piercing and it should turn out ok.

Well… Extreme body piercing is a piercing that is placed somewhere you wouldn’t usually associate it with. They are ideal for those who want something different and unique. Many take extreme body piercing to a whole different level and they turn it into art. No matter which type of extreme piercing you do choose to have, always ensure that you understand everything about it including the risks before you have it done!

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