Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

By Kai from Tucson, AZ.

When I was in 4th grade I decided I would never pierce my tongue – I thought it was gross and looked like torture.

Since tongue piercings are no joke and I’m a over-analyzer, I researched tongue piercings pretty extensively before finally deciding to get one. I read stories about people who had to have fragments of their skulls removed to relieve pressure on the brain because of a tongue infection…people losing their sense of taste or all the feeling in their face, and most common–breaking all their teeth.

Eventually it came down the the inevitable question – “Is it worth the risk?” Upon attempting to answer this for myself I noticed that almost everyone that’s had their tongue pierced successfully loves it and never regretted it.

On the day I had it done I went to all the piercing shops in my area (there are a ton) and I basically inteviewed all the piercers. I wanted to be familiar with their policies, procedures, and make sure they weren’t amatuers.

So I chose my favorite one and thencame back later–making sure I had eaten, didn’t want to faint again… It didn’t hurt that much at all; it was just like every other piercing I’ve ever had–just a pinch and poke (or vice versa) I took 2 ibuprofen just before I had it done too, that probably helped.

The healing process was the part that scared me the most: not being able to eat for 3 days and being in constant pain, sounds like paradise! The internet lied to me…the healing process was a piece of cake–easy peasy lemon squeezy (but i highly discourage any citrus). I was eating whatever i wanted the next day, no problem. You pretty much have to try to get your barbell caught and if you just chew slowly and be mindful it won’t be an issue.

The swelling also sucks pretty bad, I just ate tons of those thirstbuster slushies and ibuprofen–especially right before i went to sleep. The cleaning was easy too, I just got a little bottle of mouth wash and kept refilling it.

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