Be Unique With A Double Lip Piercing

Double Lip PiercingLip piercing is fun and a double lip piercing is naturally double the fun! 🙂

It is not so usual, so you are guaranteed to look amazing, different, and totally cool. If you happen to be the adventurous type, go ahead and get a double lip piercing done. That will make people stand up and notice you for sure!

Lip piercing is a kind of body piercing that goes through the lips or the area around it. This can be done in many different ways.

One of them is the double lip or bites piercing which is a special kind of piercing, where two uniformly opposite lip rings are inserted. This could look like the fangs of a snake just as it is about to bite! 🙂

Without doubt, bite piercing does look quite crazy, but at the same time it is exotic. Actually lip piercing can be done anywhere around your mouth. The surface of the lip is not usually pierced unless it is a horizontal lip piercing or canine bites.

Here are a few kinds of bites piercing:

•    Two lip piercing placed on either side of your lower lip is a snakebite
•    Two piercing close to each other on either side of your lower lip is a spiderbite
•    Two individual lip piercing – one on top and the other at the bottom is a cyberbite where you get a labret and medusa piercing
•    Two top lip piercing similar to snakebite is an angelbite
•    Two top lip piercing that is not as widely spaced as a snakebite but not as close together as a spiderbite is the viperbite

If you are wondering what a medusa piercing is, it goes through the center of your upper lip just under the septum of your nose.

With a double lip piercing both lip rings can be inserted into bites or you can wear labret rings. Labrets are usually pierced with a labret stud where the flat disc sits on the inside of the lip while the bead is visible on the outer side. These could be at the center of the lip or on the side.

Bites piercing can be exciting when you look at the variety of jewelry you can wear. There are metal studs with different ends. You can wear labrets in gold, surgical steel or titanium in different colors and designs. And of course, you can wear captive bead rings in your double lip piercing as well! 🙂

Some people have them fitted with spikes, balls, and gemstones or stone balls and innovative shapes. In any case, you are very unlikely to get bored with your double lip piercing, once you have had it done!


  1. well. i was thinking of getting a spiderbite, but i’m not sure if that is what i am thinking it is. do yu think you could add more pictures to the site so all types of piercings will be clear for those of us who want to get them. if you can that would be very much appreciated, and i’m sure i wouldn’t be the only one who would like the change.

  2. katrina.
    some people think spider bites are a set of snakebites and a labret, but it really is snake bites closer together and off to the side.

  3. I have snakebites with spiderbites on one side.
    I didn’t think any of them hurt.I did them myself and none of them have gotten infected.
    So I guess I’m lucky,
    my friend did hers a few times and it got infected each time.

  4. i want snake bits but my mom thinx everything is bad like tattoos and piercings but i got her to yes im getting it done this summer yayyyyyy!!!!!!

  5. I got spiderbites last December, it didn’t hurt at all and honestly Ima big baby. I’m thinking about getting double spiderbites soon(:

  6. I want 2 get double spiderbites… I’ve wanted them 4 like 3 bleeding years now but my mum still lives in the world where piercings are unacceptable 🙁

  7. I’ve wanted snakebites for years and I’m finally getting them this Sunday! I am sooo excited! :3 They’re sorta my seventeenth birthday present.

  8. I have spiderbites and i love them. If you need pictures as an example or to post them let me know and i’ll gladly take some for the site 🙂

  9. I have wanted my lip pierced (just one side, one piercing) for about 5 years now, but within those 5 years (about 2-3 years ago), my mind has wondered more towards snake bites.. I want them sooo bad, but of course, parents.. “you have such a pretty face, why would you want to mess it up?”… I’m not messing it up! i’m decorating! (: its called having a personality. Either way.. about 9 more months n’ i’m outta their house, snake bites.. here i come!! (:

  10. I had snake bites :)) best piercing ever… i didnt regret it! it only felt like a pinch. now i have my right side done cause i took my snake bites out and re-pierced my right side by myself… that hurt.

  11. Outside of the double nose piercing I had just gotten I went back to get snake bite piercings 3 days later. This all took place within a week. I had my nose pierced several years ago then pulled out the stud and over the years closed. I guess the best advice I could offer is to do all the face piercings as close together as possible or if you can handle it all in one sitting. By doing this the profesional piercing artist can evenly distribute the piercings best suited for your facial features

  12. As far as pain during snake bite piercing it is minimal. I have had mine done for 2 days now and no infection or discomfort has arised. However…I do not suggest eating a steak or other foods that involve alot of teeth work so to speak. I have found that eating a softer foods has helped ease the process of healing. Be sure to rinse with a non alchohol type rince after every meal, even just plain water works. Get the chunks out. Use a soft bristle brush when brushing. Take care when brushing around the new piercing. There is an expected amount of minimal swelling that will occur after the initial piercing usually the next day or two this is to be expected. There are many muscles that work the face so please keep in mind that there may be a bit of what i would call gettin used to having metal rub against your lip and teeth.

  13. Diet:
    Consume lots of vitamin enriched foods, this will speed up the healing process. Dont be shy about eating! Feels a bit wierd but believe me i went a day without eating and all I did was be hungry. Your body needs the nutrients to heal itself. Take little bites and focus on chewing. You will soon find a way to eat without biting into your new snakebites/post. You will feel your teeth catching on to these from time to time on a new piercing however in about 4 to 6 weeks or so you will be able to get shorter post to better fit your lip. This will eliminate the teeth catching.

  14. Just a note:
    If you feel the need or urge to get a peircing, just go and do it…if under 18 get parents permision first. Your first urge is usually the best one and you have less regret. The only regret I have is I should of done this sooner!


  15. i too want snake bites buht im under 18 does anyy one know where yhu can get yhur piercing done without parentsz??? bcusz if not dhen i quess im stuck with doinq it mhaself or let a friend do it…..&& dha pain is it qonna hurt alot?? a lil? or not at all? MOOD:L0ST 0.o

  16. I got my lip pierced with a ring on the left side 2 summers ago then just yesterday
    I decided to get a small gem labret stud next to it so now I am soo happy I have sorta
    spiderbite piercing with an endless ring which is a captive bead ring with a rounded
    bar instead of a ball. My options are endless and it looks awesome.

  17. my friends has her monroe pierced nd wants 2 double it on the top. but not angelbites.does any one know what thats called? or if it even has a name for it? please could any one tell me????

  18. Snakebites and spiderbites don’t hurt. I did all but one of my lip rings and I’ve had them pierced about five or six times. No piercing should hurt to bad unless you do not handle pain well, other than that they don’t hurt. My fiancé has nineteen piercings and I have about nine. I plan to repierce my lip and get my three lip rings back, then filling up my ears and get an anti eyebrow dermal, and at the moment I’m not sure what else. But anyway back to my point, you can use rubbing alcohol to clean any piercing but it is just not recommended but if you an handle the burning then go for it. Peroxide should never be used as it just keeps the piercing from healing by taking away both good and bad bacteria. I’ve done a lot of piercings and they have only gotten infected if the person didn’t clean it that often. Chewing food never bothered me but it may if it’s a tongue ring. At first you may swell but if you get enough of the same basic piercing, for example my lip used to swell a lot and now it doesn’t, your body may or may not get used to it an I’ve up on trying reject it. Any piercing can get rejected with anyone, it just depends on who you are and how your body takes external influences entering the body. I would recommend using titanium jewelry as it is alot less likely to get infected due to allergies. Once the piercing heals you can pretty much put anything in it though. Also do not try to stretch the sides of your lip any bigger than a 10gauge it hurts alot and usually won’t go completely through. Use tapers or pinchers for stretching ears and do not skip sizes. I did and I’m lucky mine healed correctly. Both my ears got ripped quite a bit and hurt like hell most of the time.

  19. Hellooooo People (:
    I have Angel Bites, it hurt a little but remember pain is different to everyone! I also have my Bridge (Flesh at the top of the nose if you didn’t know) pierced! This hurt the lest.(:
    Anyways I was thinking of getting set of Snake Bites as well and I was wondering if there is a name for having Snake and Angel Bites? Pleased and Thankingyouu!

  20. OK so I had my lip pierced about five times and after that many times it really hurts because there is a ball of tissue that forms where it used to be and the last time i got it done i almost cried cause of that hard tissue
    also, never get your septum it hurts really bad cause its going thru a lot of nerves and i did tear up when i got it done but snake bites don’t hurt spider bites don’t ether and angel bits not getting them anytime soon its amazing my parents even let me do it…

  21. Last night I got the right side of my snakebites pierced! Pain was minimal and only lasted a second. It’s a little sore today from sleeping on it. I also have my septum pierced and I didn’t feel a thing! The only problem I’ve ever had was with a nostril piercing. I had a keloid for months!

  22. i want to get spider bites but i already have one lip ring on the right side. i got it done in the beginning of August..can i still get the other piercing added to it? without if getting messed upp? helpp!

  23. Already got nose, eyebrow, tounge and my lip pierced. And one ear streched to 5mm
    Getting canine bites soon 😀
    Have thought about spiderbites, snakebites ectt…
    But seriously canine bites are amazing and different 🙂 cant wait.

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