Cute Cartilage

By Jasmine Woods, Fortworth USA

Cartilage Piercing Story

Ok, I was watching my friend about to get her cartilage pierced and she chickened out and said ” I’m not going to do it unless you do” and I was like – “whateever! Just do it to me.”

And my other friend the one that was doing the piercing went to get some ice so she could numb my ear so it would not hert that much! 🙂

I was feeling a little scared when she was getting the ice I was ready thou. And as she was getting the needle and cleaning it I was like ok I’m ready when are you gunna do it? …. Do it already! Even thou I was scared a little.

She said “don’t chicken out!” and as she was getting the needle and the earring my other friend was just looking with this god offel glare and I just blew it off.

Ok, here was the big moment — I was thinking, OMG! OMG! OMG! .UH?… is it done! And yes – it was I was sooo excited BUT…. We had to do it again because the needle was to small so after doing it over and over again I was starting to get mad! 👿

And then my friend’s sister seeing that we were going through so much heck came out with a earring that was pointy so I could just be pierced with that earring. And so we pierced it with that. My mom was fine with it and now it is doing fine! 😉

Skateboarding, Wet Pavment and a Clumzy Girl

By Kate-Lynn, Kent, Washington

Body Piercing Story - Lip Piercing

Riding down the road minding my own business and this guy in a grey truck is like right behind me.

Mind you I am a beginner skater so, I tried to jump off to get out the road, so I wouldn’t die.

So I get unsquared and I jump off on the fastest part of the hillish type thing.

I fall directly on my face, I remember the sound of my head bouncing off the pavement. I don’t think I will ever forget that sound. I get up and my friend is laughing a lot, he say the whole thing..

His laughter stopped once he say my face. The left side of my face was covered in blood, I mean covered. I busted open my eyebrow, made my nose bleed, mess up my shoulder and have a hole in my lip.

I’ve wanted my lip pierced for as long as I could remember, so my brother convinced my mom to let me have it done if I did all by myself. Well, I did. It hurt really bad, but I wanted it done so I did. And yeahhh… That’s my story.

My Superb Double-Eyebrow Piercing

Charlene aged 19, New Orleans

Body Piercing Story

I had originally gone with my friend to the piercer to support her when she was having her eyebrow done. When the piercing was being done she didn’t make a fuss and afterwards she said she hardly felt a thing. It looked so simple. I was so impressed with her piercing that I decided to book myself in to the same saloon.

But I wanted something different from the piercing my friend had gotten. She had a usual eyebrow piercing – you know, the one that pierces the eyebrow from the bottom to the top.

I spent some time on the Net looking at different eyebrow projects and then I saw exactly what I needed – eyebrow piercing that is placed just above the eyebrow; it’s essentially a surface piercing. And I wanted it double!

So I went into the saloon and I already knew what to expect because I was there when my friend had hers. The guy chose high quality titanium eyebrow barbells and told me to sit down on the chair. He marked the piercing spots and used the clamp thing to secure the skin fold when getting it pierced. The very moment when the piercing needle went through the skin was a bit painful, but when the barbells were in, it just felt a bit stingy, it’s just normal.

Now that I have the superb double eyebrow piercing I really wouldn’t change it for the world! It looks great and thanks to me following the piercers advice, it healed fairly quickly too. It is a minute’s pain for something that will last for years.

The piercer was friendly and he put my mind at ease before I had the actual piercing done. I would definitely recommend that you ask any questions that you have when you first meet with your piercer. Mine really helped to put my mind at ease and choose the best stud to go in the piercing once it was finished.

My Crazy Snakebites Piercing!

By Julie aged 19, London

Body Piercing Stories

Hello everyone I’m Julie and I had my bottom lip pierced a few weeks ago! It looks amazing and it didn’t hurt half as much as I thought it would. This type of lip piercing is called ‘snakebites’ – so I was told, and not many girls have it. So I can kind of boast about this among my friends! 🙂

I used a piercer that was recommended to me by my brother. He was great and he explained everything that would happen and I asked about aftercare (something my brother had warned me about). Everything seemed fine so I went ahead and booked an appointment for the next day. I was nervous and the thought of having my lips clamped and pierced made me cringe! The next day I went to the piercer, he greeted me and put my mind at ease.

A clamp was placed on my lip which did feel a little uncomfortable. Then he pierced the lip and I have to admit that it did hurt a bit. But you know – it only lasted for a few seconds and when the lip ring was in – it was OK.

My piercing experience was just a little bit painful but I was made to feel as comfortable as possible and now three weeks on I love my new piercing and it is healing up nicely! Just remember to take proper care of your piercing to avoid an infection!