What did you do?!

By Janice from Texas

My favorite piercing is my tongue. Out of all of my 20 or so piercings, I have always been attached to my belly, industrial, and tongue. My tongue, though, has been an adventure.
I was about 12 when one day I was in the grocery store and I noticed a woman with a tongue ring, and I was like,”That is awesome!” I wanted one so bad that I kept asking my mom if I could get one. She, of course, is one of those no piercings allowed parents. I finally got upset at her one day and decided to pierce my own tongue.
I was alone on a Saturday night and I had already gotten a tongue ring from a friend that had gotten his pierced about a month earlier. I decided to use a sewing needle again like I had done on my belly before( another story). I had no idea what I was doing, but I wanted it sooooo much I could no longer deal with the compulsion to have it. I stuck out my tongue, and I pushed the needle through the top of my tongue in the area where you are supposed to do it( my friend told me). It ddn’t hurt as bad as I thought until I tried to push the jewelry through. I winded up leaving the sewing needle in my tongue until the next day. I tried pushing it in and I succeeded after an hour or so.Yay! So I thought.
A month went by, my tongue healing properly, and I decided to change out the metal bar I had to a plastic one. I had it in a week and my tongue started to itch like crazy. I didn’t want to take out the bar because it was pretty and I had lost my other one. It turns out my body prefers metal to plastic, so my tongue got an infection. I treated the infection, but I noticed my tongue was starting to scar a little. It was then that I decided to take out my beloved piercing. I was upset, but I got my piercing back for my 18th birthday.

My Medusa/ Nose Piercing Experience

By Tabitha from Baltimore.

Ok i was the end of june on my bestfriends sister birthday, we decided to bring out the piercing supply to kill time before we went to the club. so as everybody was doin hair and makeup, i was like yo ima do it im not scared i grabed the 18g needle and clamps and i was like what i shoud i do a monroe, medusa, snake or spider bites?

nobody never what i should do they thought they all would look great on me so i decided to be different and do the whole medusa piercing. so as i prepared myself to do this i jus dirfted off in my own zone blast some lil boosie to get father in the zone before you knew it i done shoved the needle in my upper lip underneath my nose. icounldnt fint the little ball so i panic like omg i just did this for nothing yo help me find the ball quick my bestie found it and put it on the bar tightly. i was in a mode for pain and pleasure and more piercings so i decied to do my nose at that very moment for some reason i got scared btut isaid to hell with it ima do it i want so put the clamps on my nose i did it but this time i bleed. i was terrified because my bigest fear is bleeding to death but i proceded and i put the small nose ring in i als o grabbed a napkin to apply pressure on my new pierecing and it bleed for 30 mintunes striaght i thought iwould never stop but it did jus in time for me to get washed up and dressed to go out and enjoy her wonderful party.

Cat got your tongue?

By Casie from Florida.

Im 15 years old and a bit of a peircing fanatic. I have 6 earings in my right ear and 4 on my left. All peirced by myself, using very unproffesional equeptment (safty pin and dirty earings) I moved on to facial peircings when i was 12 by peircing my nose and lip. At 14 i peirced my belly button ( WORST PEIRCING EVER! THE DAMN THING IS STILL INFECTED TODAY) When i turned 15 i decied i liked the taste of metal and wanted to peirce my toung.

I never perpaired for my toung peircing alli did was boil my old 14 gauged needle in saline water and withought an ounce of thought stuck it in my toung. BAD IDEA. It was slightly crooked and blood was EVERYWHERE. I didnt even have a barbell for the new peircing so i used an old industrial barbell and put it in my mouth. It was so oversized i couldnt even close my mouth! The next day i switched it with a real barbell but my toung was so swallon i could barely screw on the bead! My toung was like a ballon for the next 5 days. I couldnt speak. I couldnt eat.And worst of all i coudnt kiss my boyfriend.(i kissed him anyway and he ended up chomping on my toung)

After the 5 days of swollen pain my toung went down to normal size and now i cant even notice its there. it never got infected. No problem with my toung peircing. least complicated peircing ive ever had. πŸ™‚

So overall the first 5 days sux when you first peirce your toung but the results are sooooooo worth it. Just ask my boyfriend. He loves it πŸ˜‰


By Sara from Arlee, MT

I was 16 years old and have been wanting to get my tongue pierced for as long as I could remember. I was bothering my mom for years to let me get my tongue pierced and she always said no. This day was different, she said yes. I smiled and thought to myself that this is why it is good to be sixteen years old.

I have always loved body modification even as a young child so when I wallked into to the tattoo/piercing shop I got a burst of excitement. There was belly rings on the left of me, Nose rings to the right of me and books of tatoos.

My mom showed her and my ID and filled out some paper work. Right after being done with paper work I was sent to the back room were I would get my tongue pierced. “My mom was to freaked out to come in with me”.

The piercer was a guy who had a tatooed ring on his left finger. He gave me some mouth wash that came in a little cup and I swished my mouth for a few seconds. A special marker for peoples tongues was pulled out and the piercer let me mark were I wated it.

I was nervous but more excited when he pulled out a big clamp and a long needle. “I was a few seconds away from having a pierced tongue”.

I came home with a sore tongue but with no regrets. The piercing itself didn’t really hurt for me but the days afterwards were extemely painful but I lived through that :)!

~Overall I love my tongue piercing and it was quite an adventure getting it done~+

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

By Kai from Tucson, AZ.

When I was in 4th grade I decided I would never pierce my tongue – I thought it was gross and looked like torture.

Since tongue piercings are no joke and I’m a over-analyzer, I researched tongue piercings pretty extensively before finally deciding to get one. I read stories about people who had to have fragments of their skulls removed to relieve pressure on the brain because of a tongue infection…people losing their sense of taste or all the feeling in their face, and most common–breaking all their teeth.

Eventually it came down the the inevitable question – “Is it worth the risk?” Upon attempting to answer this for myself I noticed that almost everyone that’s had their tongue pierced successfully loves it and never regretted it.

On the day I had it done I went to all the piercing shops in my area (there are a ton) and I basically inteviewed all the piercers. I wanted to be familiar with their policies, procedures, and make sure they weren’t amatuers.

So I chose my favorite one and thencame back later–making sure I had eaten, didn’t want to faint again… It didn’t hurt that much at all; it was just like every other piercing I’ve ever had–just a pinch and poke (or vice versa) I took 2 ibuprofen just before I had it done too, that probably helped.

The healing process was the part that scared me the most: not being able to eat for 3 days and being in constant pain, sounds like paradise! The internet lied to me…the healing process was a piece of cake–easy peasy lemon squeezy (but i highly discourage any citrus). I was eating whatever i wanted the next day, no problem. You pretty much have to try to get your barbell caught and if you just chew slowly and be mindful it won’t be an issue.

The swelling also sucks pretty bad, I just ate tons of those thirstbuster slushies and ibuprofen–especially right before i went to sleep. The cleaning was easy too, I just got a little bottle of mouth wash and kept refilling it.

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Mum said no to 14 year old tounge piercing

By Emily, from Australia.

I REALLLY wanted my tounge done but my mum said no and wouldnt allow it. So I got my dad to take me as he and my mum are seperated and he is more laid back.

I went to a few places but they were either closed or appointment only. Finally I found one that looked really good. They told me to come back in half an hour and they could slot me in, I came back 5mins late and the piercer was freaking out as he had a tattoo to start in 5 minuites, he already had everything out and just told me to lie down and stick my tounge out.

The next thing I know the clamps are on and the needle is going through. It took less than about 2 mins. I then sit up and I’m fine. I got really sick after my last piercings But I was fine. Im a bit annoyed cause its slightly to the right and too far back, he rushed it alot but atleast I got it! πŸ™‚

My mum hadnt noticed cause I could still talk fine but randomly in conversation a few days later I stuck my tounge out. She freaked out at first but was then okay, because it i cold talk and It was already done. Im pretty happy πŸ™‚


By Kayla, from Traverse City.

I have a left cheek bone surface ring. I first decided to get the piercing when I was watching cops one night when I was nine and saw a girl on the show who had it and I wanted it ever since.

I choose my peircing studio by doing my research about the place. The peircer was very nice and very informative probably about a 20 minute speach before I got it doneabout how to take care of it and other things I may need to know.

The process went something like this. She mad marked a spot on my face and I told her where i wanted it in what placement that was good for me and then she had pinched my skin and put a clamp on my face and told me to take a deep breath in and then put the needle through then told me to breath out.

And it was done well that part then she took the clampoff and put the jewelry through my skin and screwed the other ball on then i was done.some bruising accured but that is normal. The piercer told me how to take care of it and gave me sea salt and gave me a pamphlet on how ot take proper care of it she was very informative like I had said erlier.

She told me how long it would take she told me that the bruising would take at least 2 or 3 weeks to officially go away.I dont have a belly ring I do have a tongue ring its gauged and i do have 3 nose rings and i dont have nipple rings i am writing about my surface peircing so there is it

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Make Sure It’s A Cathcy One!

By Nora, from Gainesville, USA.

Last year,(when i was elven years of age!) i was in my basement with my fifteen year old brother and our friends, they were playing play sittion three and me and my friend were just talking with the and hanging outt. The subject of piercings came up and I asked my brother what he thought looked cool on a girl. He said that cartilage looked really nice and pretty. Next he told me ‘Nora, you should get a cartilage piercing!” I had always thought they looked pretty, So i went upstairs and my mom said “Sure, why not?” I was so excited i ran downstairs and told my brother i’m going to get a piercing and i’ll be back soon! I grabbed my friend and sprinted upstairs.So my mommy told us to get in the car, I’ll take you to get it done! She took me and my friend to Claire’s in the mall( BIGG Mistakee!!). The lady ask me what jewelry i wanted. I just got a plain stud. She loaded up her piercing gun and pierced it. It only stung a bit. After it was kinda sore. So we payed the girl and left. When w left the cold air felt really nice on it ! I cleaned it two times every day and it healed nicely. While looking online about what and what i shouldn’t do and when i should change it and such, i stumbled across something. The women did it completely wron and stunted my healing process. What id didn’t know was that she should have used a needle instead of a gun. That’s what made it kind of painful, and made it keep healing for almost a year. But, oh well, its healed and pretty. It was only sore for a couple hours- i even slept on it that night. For Christmas this year I got a pretty pink, purple and blue sparkle stud πŸ˜€ I’m really happy i got it and in a couple of days i’m getting my belly button pierced! I cannot waitt! I will submit a story when i do get it :DD

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We all have to go through pain..

By Kathryn from Mansfield.

So I was the last one of my friends to turn 18, and I watched them all come out with amazing tattoos, but I wanted to do something different for my birthday.

I knew I wanted a piercing, but I didnt want to be sterotyped at my new school by a piercing that was really out there. I already had my lobes pierced twice, and my cartilage on my left ear (not shown) so I decided to get my tragus and rook done.

I did a lot of research on lots of different shops, and found one that had a great reputation for body piercings. The guy who did it was so friendly and calmed me right down.

He pierced my tragus first, and it didnt hurt that bad at all, but the rook did. He said this was because it was a awkward place to pierce, and I used up all my adreneline on the tragus.

After he explained to me how to clean my piercings and how long to leave them in blah blah blah i practically skipped out of there to show them off to my friend, who was waiting outside.

This was one of the best decisions ever. the piecer said it best when he said ‘we all have to go through pain to get the look we want’

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angel bites :)

By Whitney, from Stanley, USA.

Well to start i love piercings so i decided on something kinda out there know one i knew had them so i got angel bites.

for thoose of you that are like whats that they are pretty much a monroe piercings on each side.

So i went to my best friend star who does piercings and tattoos and just pretty much told her what i wanted and she was like okay cool.She was very nice she sat me down and told me what to expect.

Then it started with the little purple marker.putting the dots on my face was the fun part.Then to the clamps thoose i will have to say are not the most comterblest thing in the world ,starting on my left side she put the needle through my lip with me only feeling a little pinch. she removed the clamp and put a like sponge thing on the bottum of the needle.

Now to the next side she says as she put the clamp there, and did the same for that side.Then i sat there for about a minute with two needles in my lip as she prepared the the jewlery. Then they were in and i was all done :).
the aftermath of this is my lip swelled alittle but nothing ice couldn’t take car of.

then all i had to do was just wash my mouth out with mouth wash everytime i ate and clean the outside with antibactirail soup twice a day for bout 2 weeks.
The heling happend rather fast i was able to remove and change my rings in a little over 3 week.
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