Sterling Silver Right Cartilage Ear Piercing

Hi! It’s a sunny day out here and the right weather to try out some sparkling body jewelry. Give the sun some competition with this fabulous sterling silver 925 aqua cubic zirconia trio right cartilage ear piercing jewelry item! This exotic right cartilage earring is simply breathtaking with its triple cool blue cubic zirconia gems flashing brilliantly as it picks up light rays on its multi-faceted surface! πŸ™‚

Very stylish, this is the perfect cartilage earring to cherish and enjoy. The best part is the 925 sterling silver setting for the zirconia gems and the 16 gauge 8 mm 316L surgical grade stainless steel barbell for the piercing, to ensure that you don’t have to worry about skin reactions if you are sensitive to silver. So enjoy the precious metal without fear. For those of you who just decided to get an ear cartilage piercing, I hope you know that you must get it done by a professional. Remember – no piercing gun, because it can damage your ear.

This right cartilage ear piercing jewelry is exquisitely styled. The zirconia gems are claw-set to ensure maximum radiance when you wear the earring. So order yours today – sold individually, but hey, who says you cant buy a pair? πŸ˜‰

Turquoise Titanium Notched Pincher Horseshoe Ring

What I’ve got for you today is some luck – in the form of this 6 gauge ½” turquoise titanium notched pincher horseshoe ring. Look at it and admit that it is the perfect finishing touch whether you decide to wear it for your ear piercing, nose piercing, eyebrow piercing, septum piercing, nipple piercing or other body piercing you can come up with! The horseshoe shape brings you luck, and the high gloss plated titanium plated 316Lsurgical steel grade stainless steel means assured skin safety! πŸ˜‰

This turquoise titanium notched pincher horseshoe ring looks quite striking. Titanium is considered the safest material for body piercing because it is compatible with any type of skin, so that the user does not develop a rash. Titanium is also incredibly light, which accounts for the fact that this material is used in constructing space craft. What is more, titanium is also stronger than steel. This notched pincher horseshoe ring comes with two rubber o-rings that sit in the notches as desired, to conveniently keep the body jewelry in place.

The turquoise hue of this titanium notched pincher horseshow ring looks groovy and perfect for your party look as it almost seems to come to life in artificial light. Get it today! πŸ™‚

Red Peace Heart Eyebrow Ring

I think I’ve got the answer to finding World Peace. I wish. But what I have definitely got for you today is this fabulous Red Peace Heart Eyebrow Ring that is guaranteed to draw attention to your face when you wear it!

It could be the red peace heart or it could be the beautifully polished steel barbell. This 16 gauge 3/8” 316L surgical grade steel curved eyebrow ring is designed with a peace sign in the shape of a heart. The peace heart is made of epoxy and is a nice bright red.

Eyebrow piercings are very popular and look very aesthetically pleasing. You can be certain that you will most certainly get a second look when you step out wearing this strikingly designed red peace heart eyebrow ring. How you want to look with your eyebrow piercing will depend on your body jewelry to some extent, but this red peace heart could be just what you are looking for, what you need to add some color to your face.

This irresistible eyebrow ring goes with just about any outfit you choose to wear. I’d recommend wearing white, but you might prefer another color. In any case, get the red peace heart eyebrow ring into your collection right away! πŸ˜‰

8 Gauge Surgical Steel Spiral Taper

What better way to get that piece of large gauge body jewelry in your piercing than gently ease it in? This beautiful 8 gauge surgical steel spiral taper can do it for you, while making you look fabulous with the pretty polished spiral!

Spiral gauges are very convenient and cool to wear. The shapes alone look beautiful. You have probably seen or read about tribals wearing these to expand their piercings over time.

This pretty taper expander body jewelry is made from 8 gauge or 3 mm 316 L surgical grade stainless steel that is safe to wear. The attractive spiral design is highly polished. The tip, rather than being sharp, is smooth and rounded off to make for easy insertion so that you don’t have to flinch when inserting it into your ear piercing.

This intricate polished spiral has the tip bent pointing downward making it easy to insert. Buy one, or buy a pair to add your collection! πŸ˜‰

0 Gauge Stainless Steel Stash Plug

If the word unusual describes you, I have got a really sexy looking body jewelry item to show you today. It is the 0 gauge stainles steel stash plug. Polished to a dazzling shine, this 316L implant grade surgical stainless steel stash plug is designed with an 8 mm wearable surface and a secret stasher compartment where you can hide small valuables! ❗ This means this unique body jewelry is completely safe to wear and you dont have to worry about allergic reactions!

You can order these plugs as single plugs or go in for a pair. This earring gauge is for stretched ear piercings and is cylindrical in shape. If you are concerned about stretched piercings, then you should know that the ear lobes get enough blood circulation and heal quite quickly. The 0 gauge stainless steel stash plug is a perfect accessory for those who want to hide their valuable stuff. The hollowed out portion is quite cleverly designed and you can stash away precious tiny things. Once you wear it, you can cover it with the seamless lid whose threads are hidden when you wear them. It is easy to wear and remove when you want. Get this exciting stash plug today! πŸ˜‰

Red Gem Push-In MONROE Ring

Ever gazed in awe of all those cool people wearing a labret stud? I have, and I think it looks really cool and unique! If you are considering getting a β€˜Monroe’ piercing done, I have the right jewelry for you – it is a 14-gauge steel ruby red gem push in Monroe ring.

This 14-gauge 3/8” 316L surgical grade stainless steel is completely safe for your fresh piercing especially on your lip, which is sensitive. It is very easy to wear and quite comfortable.

For those who are wondering what a Monroe piercing is, this is a lip piercing that is off-center above your upper lip and looks quite like a beauty spot. Think Marilyn Monroe. By the way, this is also called a Madonna, or a Crawford piercing because both celebrities have a beauty spot above the upper lip at the position where this piercing is done. So call it what you like, based on which celebrity you like the most!

The ideal jewelry for your Monroe piercing is this steel ruby red gem push in Monroe ring or labret that slides in slickly and is held in place by the press fit gem that gives it a really glam look. Order it now! πŸ˜‰