Microdermal Piercing – a new trend in Body Piercing.

Microdermal Piercing Microdermal piercings are semi permanent body piercings.  You will also hear them referred to as dermal anchoring or microdermal implants.

Microdermals look pleasing and aesthetic and are rapidly becoming very popular. They are considered a cool alternative to surface body piercing because they are semi permanent . They are quick and convenient.

The technique and size is also so easy that you can have it done practically anywhere on your body. No special tools are required and the procedure is less invasive than an implant. The process is also more comfortable compared to the transdermal or sub dermal implants.

What Does The Process Of Microdermal Piercing Involve?

This basically involves a single piercing on the body where only the one part of the jewelry is visible on the skin’s surface. The other part is just under the skin, held in place by a titanium plate, which has many holes in it so that the tissue may grow through it, nicely anchoring your jewelry. To avoid any risks of rejection steel is usually not used.

The piercer usually cleans and marks the area to be pierced. The part to be pierced is pinched up and a 1.5 dermal punch is deftly inserted into the skin, straight down. After the hole is made, the piercer fixes the microdermal quickly. The whole thing barely takes an hour right from the time you arrive at the piercer to the time you are through! 😉

Even though the titanium plate stays under your skin once you get the microdermal piercing done, you can change the visible part of this jewelry after a couple of months.

However, they can be difficult to remove so consult a piercing professional if you need to have them removed.

What Jewelry Can You Wear?

You will find a variety of jewelry to suit this type of body piercing ranging from acrylic, gemstones and plenty more although titanium is the most advisable.

You need to be over eighteen and have a photo id to get a microdermal.

As with any body piercing, once the microdermal is done, your piercer will give you the appropriate care instructions. In spite of being a new kind of body piercing many people are going in for microdermals. Rejection of the piercing is quite rare when done properly. Healing takes approximately one to three months depending on the individual getting pierced.

Inverted Nipple Piercing – Does It Really Help to Fix Inverted Nipples?

Inverted Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercing is reaaaaaly sexy – some say that it makes the nipples more sensitive! 🙂 Nowadays, inverted nipple piercing is also becoming popular because it has the benefit of inverted nipples correction. Some find it very embarrassing to have inverted nipples – one way to rectify this is to get inverted nipple piercing done.

What Inverted Nipple Piercing Involves

The piercer pulls out the inverted nipple and then pierces it. The jewelry which is worn then keeps it in an erect position. The process is simple when you have it done by an experienced expert.  The piercing is done at the base of the nipple’s erect part.

Both men and women go in for inverted nipples correction by getting them pierced. Some people just get the left or the right one done, as per choice. The piercing can be done vertically, horizontally or at an angle that is neither vertical nor horizontal. Some people get adventurous and get two piercings done on the same nipple. The inverted nipple piercing is generally done with 14 gauge for men and 16 gauge for women. Barbells and rings are the popular jewelry used.

What To Watch Out For In Inverted Nipple Piercing

Make sure to let your piercer know if your nipples are inverted or flat in advance so that he or she knows exactly what to do. It can also avoid a lot of discomfort.

The ring or barbell used must be large enough so that it doesn’t hurt even if there’s a swelling. Care must be taken not to pierce the fatty tissue of the areola since this can result in ‘mastitis’, a serious condition. Make sure to see a hygienic and experienced piercer who knows how to do the piercing. He or she should know the right way to handle an inverted nipple piercing. Sometimes, even after piercing, the ring or barbell can be rejected as the nipple sometimes tries to invert itself again. The piercer must pierce the nipple at the right spot to avoid migration. Migration happens when a part of the body pulls in the opposite direction from the piercing. This can cause problems.

The correct sized barbell must be used. If it is too short, the nipple can invert itself again along with the barbell, resulting in an abscess that can be easily avoided by using the right size. Care instructions after you get the piercing must be strictly followed for a smooth experience. That said nipple piercing is a great method for inverted nipple correction! FACT! Did you know that 10 – 20% of ALL women have inverted nipples? 😉

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Your Guide To Vertical Lip Piercing

Vertical Lip Piercing Lip piercing is fun. But a vertical lip piercing can look really cool and attractive as it is more unusual than other types of lip piercing!

Basically, a vertical lip piercing goes through the lower lip vertically and runs parallel to the tissue inside the lip.

Vertical lip piercing is considered better than regular lip piercing because no part of the jewelry is inside the mouth, unlike in the case of other lip piercing. This means you don’t need to worry about your teeth or gums getting eroded. With vertical lip piercing, you can see both ends of the barbell.

Looking After Your Piercing

Some people feel it is a little hard to adjust to eating during the healing process. If you feel so, you can take care of this by not allowing any food to press over it or get stuck around it. As with any piercing, you must take care to ensure that an experienced hygienic professional does the piercing for you. It is not unbearably painful and the jewelry goes in immediately after the piercing and secured tightly.

A curved barbell can be better than a straight one until the piercing heals. You will probably experience some swelling. It is best not to touch the piercing with your hand or even tongue, for that matter. Just leave it alone and do not keep playing with the jewelry either.

Give it a couple of months to heal. Also, avoid oral sex during this time. If at all there is an infection, use sea salt soaks to get the pus out or talk to your piercer. Avoid trying to remove your vertical lip piercing jewelry on your own. Remember that your body can heal naturally as long as you stay healthy and clean!

Choosing Your Vertical Lip Piercing Jewelry

After the piercing heals, you can enjoy wearing different types of jewelry. The best choice is the same gauge you were pierced with. Get the right length of barbell depending on the size of your lip. Always go in for good quality vertical piercing lip jewelry, as you want to stay away from the risk of skin allergy. Titanium and surgical steel are good options. Avoid nickel as it is reputed to cause allergic reactions. Buy from a source that is reliable so that you can get all the details you want about the jewelry. Finally, after you receive your jewelry, sterilize it before you wear it!

How About Getting A Monroe Piercing?

Monroe Piercing Trendy lip piercing can be done in a number of ways and one of the favorite ones is Monroe Piercing. It is called Monroe, Crawford or Madonna because it is named after the position in which these actresses had a beauty spot above their upper lip.

Monroe piercing is considered very safe because there are very few nerves in this area of your face. In about three to six weeks you get completely healed. Also, the mouth has enzymes that destroy bacteria, so the risk of an infection is also minimized.

Monroe Piercing Jewelry

Monroe piercing is popular with both men and women.  It is done just above the upper lip, off center to the left, and looks great with labret rings and studs. Labrets are pierced just under the lip and above the chin. This looks quite sexy and if you choose to wear a black round stud, it will look just like the beauty mark it is named after. If you prefer to wear a gemstone, then of course it will twinkle every time you move.

Generally, a Monroe piercing can be enhanced with a 12, 16 or 18 gauge labret. You can also get a double Monroe, called the Crayfish done; here the piercing is done on both sides of the upper lip. If you wear longish barbells unlike the short ones on the Monroe piercing, it resembles the antennae of the crayfish, so that’s where it gets its name from. The popular jewelry choice for the Monroe piercing is the metal ball sometimes set with a gem.

Caring For Your Monroe Piercing

After you get your Monroe piercing done, expect some swelling in and around the lip area. Just like any other piercing, this too can get infected, so you must take care to keep your mouth and jewelry clean. This will also avoid scarring. While getting the piercing, make sure to get it done from a professional who is aware that the superior labial artery above the upper lip is not punctured.

The procedure is practically painless though you may feel a little discomfort if you have thick lips. Men are said to find it slightly more painful since their skin is tougher to pierce. If you play any wind instruments you might feel discomfort because the muscles around your mouth will be larger.

Be aware that the metal stud of the Monroe piercing jewelry can rub against your gums and teeth, damaging them. You can, however avoid this by wearing plastic labret studs.

FUNNY FACT! Did you know that Monroe piercing is the least painful body piercing because there’s very few nerves in this area of the face?

Be Unique With A Double Lip Piercing

Double Lip PiercingLip piercing is fun and a double lip piercing is naturally double the fun! 🙂

It is not so usual, so you are guaranteed to look amazing, different, and totally cool. If you happen to be the adventurous type, go ahead and get a double lip piercing done. That will make people stand up and notice you for sure!

Lip piercing is a kind of body piercing that goes through the lips or the area around it. This can be done in many different ways.

One of them is the double lip or bites piercing which is a special kind of piercing, where two uniformly opposite lip rings are inserted. This could look like the fangs of a snake just as it is about to bite! 🙂

Without doubt, bite piercing does look quite crazy, but at the same time it is exotic. Actually lip piercing can be done anywhere around your mouth. The surface of the lip is not usually pierced unless it is a horizontal lip piercing or canine bites.

Here are a few kinds of bites piercing:

•    Two lip piercing placed on either side of your lower lip is a snakebite
•    Two piercing close to each other on either side of your lower lip is a spiderbite
•    Two individual lip piercing – one on top and the other at the bottom is a cyberbite where you get a labret and medusa piercing
•    Two top lip piercing similar to snakebite is an angelbite
•    Two top lip piercing that is not as widely spaced as a snakebite but not as close together as a spiderbite is the viperbite

If you are wondering what a medusa piercing is, it goes through the center of your upper lip just under the septum of your nose.

With a double lip piercing both lip rings can be inserted into bites or you can wear labret rings. Labrets are usually pierced with a labret stud where the flat disc sits on the inside of the lip while the bead is visible on the outer side. These could be at the center of the lip or on the side.

Bites piercing can be exciting when you look at the variety of jewelry you can wear. There are metal studs with different ends. You can wear labrets in gold, surgical steel or titanium in different colors and designs. And of course, you can wear captive bead rings in your double lip piercing as well! 🙂

Some people have them fitted with spikes, balls, and gemstones or stone balls and innovative shapes. In any case, you are very unlikely to get bored with your double lip piercing, once you have had it done!

Extreme Body Piercing

Extreme Body Piercing Body piercing is really popular these days, with most people sporting at least one piercing on their body. Whether it be their ears, nose, tongue or belly button; people just love the way that piercings make them look!

For some people, once they have had their first piercing they want more and that is when extreme body piercing often comes in.

What is Extreme Body Piercing?

Extreme body piercing involves having parts of the body pierced that most people wouldn’t even dream of. It gives a really unique appearance, though for some people it can be cringing if they are squeamish.

One popular form of extreme body piercing is flesh stapling. This is a type of piercing that shows the middle section of the body jewellery that you wear instead of the ends of it. Just like a staple the ends are inserted into the skin, leaving only the middle part of the jewellery, such as a body bar, exposed.

The method has been developed similar to that of surface bars and pocketing. However, thanks to the way that it is done flesh stapling has a very good chance of healing. A skin elevator and a scalpel are used to create flesh stapling piercings.

Another type of extreme body piercing which you may be interested in is the transscrotal piercing. This is where the piercing goes from inside the body from the front of the scrotum to the back of it. It is performed the same way that most other types of piercings are with a needle and a clamp. If you choose to have this type of piercing then it would be worth knowing exactly where about on the scrotum you would like the piercing to go.

It is a frequent problem that people regret the placing of their transscrotal piercing as they feel that it is situated too far down. So be clear of where you want the piercing and it should turn out ok.

Well… Extreme body piercing is a piercing that is placed somewhere you wouldn’t usually associate it with. They are ideal for those who want something different and unique. Many take extreme body piercing to a whole different level and they turn it into art. No matter which type of extreme piercing you do choose to have, always ensure that you understand everything about it including the risks before you have it done!

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Cartilage Piercing

Cartilage PiercingCartilage piercing or “Conch piercing” as it’s otherwise known, is one type of ear piercing that you could opt for.

You could end up having an outer or an inner cartilage piercing and it mainly depends upon where the ear actually is.

Obviously everybody is different and so the type of cartilage piercing that you end up with will not necessarily be the same one that your friend ended up with for example.

The Differences between Inner and Outer Conch piercings

The main difference between the two different conch piercings is that the inner one is situated in the centre cartilage and the outer one is situated on the outer cartilage.

You will find that the inner piercings tend to be a little larger than the outer ones. Therefore if you do end up with an inner cartilage piercing, once it has been properly stretched it is possible to wear an earlet.

If you are having an outer cartilage piercing then you should be aware that if you have it lower than 16 gauge then you run the risk of having it ripped out. So always choose a piece of jewellery that is at least 16g. Both types of cartilage piercings can be performed using dermal punching. Typically however an inner conch piercing will be performed using a hollow, large gauge needle and a barbell will be used as the initial piece of jewellery.

The outer cartilage piercing will usually be performed using a big gauge piercing needle. The initial jewellery for an outer piercing will typically be a curved barbell.

What you should know

Cartilage piercings can look really good once they have healed. The actual healing time can be anything from three to twelve months and you will need to follow certain after care procedures too to help it to heal properly. It is important to note that you should never attempt to change the type of jewellery that you have in the piercing whilst it is still healing.

If for whatever reason you do want to change the jewellery, you should ask the piercer to do it for you. This is because it could damage the piercing if you take it out.

Cartilage piercings are popular and they can be performed in a variety of different locations on the ear. You may want to talk through your options with the piercer to see which one would be better suited to you. Just as long as you take good care of the piercing after it has been done, you will get to experience the most benefits!

Tragus Piercing

Tragus Piercing Tragus piercings are quite common and they were first made popular by the piercer Luis Garcia. The piercing is done horizontally in the front of the ear canal. The jewellery that is worn with these piercings is quite small.

The piercer has to be careful when they are performing a tragus piercing as they need to avoid entering the aural canal. In order to avoid this they use a small needle and it is sent straight into a cork that is put behind the tragus as the ear is being pierced.

What Does a Tragus Piercing Involve?

Most people do not experience pain during a tragus piercing. This is because there are no nerve endings in the tragus. However, some people do report feeling a little pain so it will differ from person to person. You may also find that once the piercing has been done, bleeding can occur for up to an hour afterwards. When it comes to wiping away the blood, always ensure that you do not use a fabric cloth. This is because fabric cloths tend to have quite a lot of bacteria collected on them.

Just like with any other piercing, it is always a good idea to provide some aftercare to help the piercing to heal. Using a little antibacterial soap on the piercing every time that you shower will really help to keep the area clean. Also drying the piercing with a disposable tissue will also help to protect it.

The tragus piercing should not interfere with your hearing and it is not known to cause any problems for the face either. Many people love the way that the piercing looks and it will certainly get you noticed. Whilst you are having the piercing done you will experience a popping sound which many people have reported to be quite strange. However in some ways the sound takes your attention away from the discomfort caused by the piercing.

Overall the tragus piercing is easy to look after, it looks good and there is very little pain involved. Most people can have this type of piercing and as long as you follow simple aftercare instructions you should experience now problems at all with this type of ear piercing!

Industrial Piercing

Industrial PiercingWhen trying to choose a piercing, there are many different options that you have.

You could stick with the traditional and most common ear piercing, or you could be a little more adventurous and try out nipple or tongue piercings which are also quite popular.

However, if you are looking for something that little bit different then you may want to take a look at industrial piercings.

What is an Industrial Piercing?

An industrial piercing is basically two holes that are joined together by one single piece of jewellery. Typically they are mainly found at the top of the ear. However an industrial piercing can also be used in the navel, too.

If you are interested in a navel industrial piercing then you will usually have two separate piercings first. The piercer will pierce one part of the navel and then leave that to heal with a single piece of navel jewellery.

Then the next piercing will be made at the opposite end of the navel and that too will be left to heal. Once they have healed they can then be joined with a single bar ring. One thing that you should keep in mind is that if the jewellery that you choose puts any pressure onto either piercing, it could cause an infection. For this reason it would be a good idea to use flexible jewellery.

What you should know

You may find that you are not suited to a normal industrial piercing. However, unfortunately the piercer will not always tell you this. If they go ahead anyway and you are not a suitable candidate then it will cause problems and this is known as a “shallow industrial piercing”. It will likely cause scarring but if you are lucky you may get away with just an infection. So you need to be sure that you are suitable for an industrial piercing before you go ahead and get it done.

Industrial piercings are mainly situated at the top of the ear. They are sometimes otherwise known as scaffold piercings and one piercing is made close to the head whereas the other is made a little further down the cartilage. This gives the piercing a diagonal appearance. There are not as many different types of jewellery that you can use with an industrial piercing. However, they can look great if you are an ideal candidate for one!

Surface Piercing

Surface Piercingh Surface piercings are placed within the same fold of skin. They do not pass through body tissue and they can often be difficult to heal.

There are a number of different types of surface piercings that you can choose from but before you rush out and get one, there are some things that you need to be aware of.

Things to Consider

When done correctly a surface piercing can look unique. However, unfortunately many piercers out there do not seem to be able to perform a surface piercing properly.

If you do not go to an experienced piercer then you could end up experiencing a lot of pain as well as many complications after the piercing has been done.

Your body sees everything that is placed into the skin as a foreign object. Therefore a surface piercing can often be rejected by the body and it could try to push it out as it would with a splinter. An experienced piercer will know exactly where to place the piercing to avoid this from occurring.

If your piercer uses the same technique to pierce the skin as they would with a regular piercing, your surface piercing will not last very long. The jewellery that is placed into the piercing places a lot of pressure onto the skin and that prevents it from healing. The choice of jewellery that you have is limited and generally the best type of jewellery you can choose is the surface bar.

The aftercare that you need to give the surface piercing is quite hard work. For this reason many piercers do not like to perform a surface piercing. Most of the time the body will reject it and they are quite difficult to heal.

Well… Surface piercings are difficult to maintain but if done properly it is possible for them to last a few years. They do look good and they can be placed practically anywhere on the body. So if you would like to have a surface piercing and you do not mind it only lasting for a few months, it would be a good idea to search around for a good piercer.

Never go with the first piercer that you find as if you choose an inexperienced piercer, you could experience a lot of pain!