Stainless Steel Body Jewelry

Stainless Steel Body Jewelry The majority of body piercing jewelry is made out of surgical grade stainless steel because it is body friendly. Surgical steel body jewelry is especially of high quality. Additionally, it is affordable, strong and safe to wear. It is generally preferred for its low risk of allergic reactions!

This means there is also reduced risk of infections, swellings in a new piercing. This is the same reason why surgical grade steel is also used in body implants after surgery!

Stainless steel body jewelry is available as ball closure rings, barbells, clip in accessories, banana barbells, horseshoe and curved barbells, labret studs, nose studs, twisted spiral rings, nipple shields, navel rounders and much more. Most body jewelry made of other materials like silver and acrylic still have surgical grade steel as the main part that is inserted into the body to prevent chances of any negative reaction. Steel is also corrosion resistant, making it safe to wear.

Barbells and captive rings, of course can be worn with most body piercings. These are perfect for first time piercings. The stainless steel body jewelry barbells can also feature interesting ends like rainbows, flags, xxx stuff, flags, skulls, etc. You should also check out the curved barbells in different designs and styles to find the ones that appeal to you the most. Just go ahead and browse!

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Acrylic Body Jewelry

Acrylic Body Jewelry

Look at the jewelry collection of anyone with a love for body piercing and you will find that most of it is acrylic body jewelry. If you are wondering why, then it is because acrylic is the cheapest among all body jewelry. The part that stays in the piercing is made of surgical grade stainless steel and the dangles and other accessories are made of acrylic.

You will find acrylic body jewelry designs in a huge range of colors and color combinations, designs, shapes and styles for just about any body piercing. The most popular are nose jewelry, tongue jewelry, belly, eyebrow, and captive bead rings.

Come; let us just take a look at the hottest designs available. If you have a tongue piercing, look at tongue rings in acrylic body jewelry. The acrylic UV black zipper barbell tongue ring looks very striking. There is also the gold finger inlaid black anodized barbell tongue ring with a design visible on the top of the tongue. If you like being unusual, look at the gold scorpion inlaid in a black anodized barbell. For more color, the blue gem surgical steel spinner barbell makes a lovely choice where the acrylic balls are a vivid blue color. If you would rather go in for simplicity, then the clear acrylic black peace sign barbell tongue ring is a good choice. The peace sign shows up on the UV acrylic balls on the barbell.

In acrylic body jewelry, dangles are very popular and you can interchange them for different occasions. There are astro stars, numbers, funky flowers, pool balls, a striking black and yellow butterfly end, hedgehogs, and lots more. Get some pink pleasure with the pink pleasure 70’s belly dangle and enjoy the looks you get!

There are crystalline single gem UV belly button rings with electric blue, glitter and hot pink gem for belly piercings. You even get replacement balls for this in different gemstone colors. Or just usher in spring with the black yellow spring butterfly belly rings and become the envy of your friends!

Also look at the collection of lovely glitter screw nose rings in striking colors. Acrylic body jewelry is a must have for all piercing enthusiasts!

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White Gold Body Jewelry

White Gold Body Jewelry If you like gold jewelry, you have a choice of yellow and white gold body jewelry for your body piercing. It is mainly a matter of your preference regarding which one you would rather wear!

You get different kinds of white gold body jewelry – for belly piercings, nose piercings, tongue piercings, and lots more.

The usual worry about white gold is that it could cause skin allergies since it is not made from pure gold. Often, other metals like nickel are added to make the jewelry item stronger. For many people, nickel can be a problem. Most cheap white gold body jewelry contains nickel, which is probably why the skin irritation happens. If you go in for high quality white gold body jewelry, then you will find that palladium is used instead of nickel and this is totally safe to wear. Thus, preferably go choose high quality white gold jewelry to stay safe from allergic reactions!

Your piercer will advise you to wear white gold only after the piercing has healed, just to be safe. It is a fact that white gold body jewelry looks great and elegant. You will find just about any design and style to suit your taste. There are belly ring dangles, labrets, nose studs and rings, drop dangles, chandelier dangles, horseshoe shape barbells, cascading drop belly rings – the entire range is breathtaking indeed.

The white gold labret body jewelry is especially popular. This special internally threaded jewelry is made of 14-gauge solid 14-karat white gold set with different 1.5 mm gemstones like diamonds, peridots and other precious stones.

More genuine diamond nose rings in the form of nostril screws are available in 18 gauge solid white gold. These artisan crafted hand polished prong set diamond nose screws look elegantly beautiful!

In belly rings, the solid 14-karat white gold ultraviolet backlight reflective CZ hollow heart and star belly rings look very attractive. If you enjoy charms, the Solid White gold X/O HEART Charm Dangle Belly Ring is for you!

The gold paragon cubic zirconia drop belly ring is a delicate looking piece of white gold body jewelry. There are belly rings in pearl and gem combinations, if you like those. There are hundreds of other designs – why don’t you just enjoy browsing around and put your own collection together?

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Nipple Body Jewelry

Nipple Body Jewelry There is a vast selection of nipple body jewelry for both men and women made in a range of materials, styles and designs. You will find them mostly in surgical grade stainless steel, sterling silver, titanium, Bioplast, PTFE and gold. Of these, titanium and Bioplast are considered the safest for initial piercings because they are body friendly and help to speed up the healing.

The common types you will come across are ball closure rings, circular barbells, nipple studs, nipple bars, chains, nipple shields, nipple rings, and so on. The color choice is amazing, as is the design. You can add a variety of clip on accessories to the barbell type jewelry to make your nipple piercing look fabulous. Some of the designs look so sleek and stylish that you will be the envy of all your friends! 😉

Take your pick of anodized gold plated shields, stark black shields and the sheen of plain steel. These are available as both small and large patterns. The antiqued ‘flames of fire’ nipple shield looks equally attention grabbing in its simplicity.

There are chain dangles, chain drops and invisible nipple shields as well. The chain dangles and drops are worn on the straight barbells as accessories and you can interchange these for variety. Elaborately worked in different designs and gemstones, they look very dressy. The sterling silver light blue cubic zirconia butterfly nipple shield is a work of art and dazzles you with its beauty. It will definitely turn heads with the crystalline butterfly, the hollow stars dangling from the surgical steel barbell nipple ring.

Other choices in dangling nipple body jewelry include the sun and stars animals, hearts, geometric danglers, etc. There are also invisible nipple shield that come with pretty accessories. The invisible Bioplast Aqua Round Solitaire Sterling Nipple Shield is a classic cubic zirconia solitaire nipple ring with sterling silver and biocompatible Bioplast. When you wear this, it looks as if you are not wearing a barbell at all, yet the zirconium sparkles stylishly.

There is even more choice with Celtic cross, flower and gem nipple shields.

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Body Jewelry Barbells

Barbell body jewelry Body jewelry barbells are very convenient for piercings, particularly if you are getting your first piercing. They are probably the most common type of body jewelry you will come across. You will find them in different shapes, sizes and lengths to fit different piercings.

They are available in materials like surgical stainless steel, gold, silver, titanium, acrylic etc. as well as in Bioplast and PTFE, both of which are flexible body-friendly materials. For pregnant people, there are adjustable length barbells that are convenient to keep the piercing intact.

There are different kinds of barbells. Generally, tongue piercings, which are so popular today, are done with straight barbells. Normally, you will find that a 14 gauge and 5/8 inch barbell is the regular size used for straight barbells in tongue piercings. A longer tongue barbell is used at first to accommodate the swelling. After the piercing heals, the long barbell is replaced with a shorter one.

The same barbells can be used for other piercings also when needed. Then there are the banana barbells that look great on belly piercings with dangling jewelry.

Body jewelry barbells come with a huge variety of embellishments at the visible end giving you a practically unlimited choice from almost forty categories to suit every taste. There are even vibrating tongue rings that are quite erotic. Some barbells feature doorknockers, road signs, gems, whistles, picture inlays, logos, flowers, etc. Acrylic barbell tongue rings are available in a variety of vivid colors and shapes. They are also so cheap that you can quickly build a collection for yourself.

You also get personalized body jewelry barbells as belly rings. There is the dangling moving category, hand crafted belly rings, chandelier dangle belly rings, fairy belly rings, and lots more. If you like retro, you can choose from vintage antique belly rings. There are also elegantly stylish 14 karat gold barbells and barbells with crystals and gems.

For those who enjoy bold stuff, there are stainless steel tongue barbells with French ticklers. There are belly rings with dangles featuring skulls, the cross, motorcycles, fruits, hearts, sports, dolphins, dragonflies, butterflies and others. You can also opt for a word, initial or zodiac sign, birthstone, flag or Chinese symbol dangle.

Why not browse around and get your own collection going right away! 🙂

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Cheap Body Jewelry

Cheap Body Jewelry If you are browsing around for cheap body jewelry for your belly, nose, eyebrow or tongue piercing, then look no further than acrylic body jewelry. This is the most popular material available that is totally safe against your skin!

Moreover, most of the jewelry is made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel, which is certified as one of the best materials for body piercing, so you don’t need to worry.

Cheap body jewelry in acrylic comes in just unlimited colors, shapes, sizes and forms. You can get a big variety for your belly piercings in the form of barbells and dangles. Some even come with replacement accessories for these so that you can enjoy the variety without having to remove your barbell.

Probably the best thing about cheap body jewelry in acrylic is that it is so affordable that anyone can buy and make a collection, especially if you like to frequently change your body jewelry. It is hardly surprising that you will find loads of cheap body jewelry in acrylic online. It can be so much fun to browse around and choose all the lovely jewelry you want!

There are pretty designs in surgical steel and acrylic embellishments. You will see steel barbells and hoops with colorful cones, pool balls, butterflies, flames, etc. There are continuous color spirals with brilliantly colored acrylic designed balls and dice at the ends. Circular barbells in horseshoe shape are popular with their candy stripe and other interesting designs. These are also availabe in thicker gauge.

The 12 Gauge UV Glow in the Dark Ball Captive Rings looks great in light and dark blue, light green orange and purple. You also get smaller diameter stainless steel ball captive rings with acrylic balls in different colors. The electric blue glitter ball captive ring is especially popular. You also get flexible UV barbells in attractive colors like green, orange and yellow.

With cheap body jewelry numbering almost a thousand designs to choose from, you too can create your own exciting collection of body jewelry to enjoy. Browse around and you will find body jewelry for any piercing you want, in any design you want. Show off your body piercing with safe to wear cheap body jewelry!

It really can’t get any better than this! 😉

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Internally Threaded Tragus Rings

Internally Threaded Tragus Rings Have you always wanted to get a tragus piercing? If you said yes, then you should go in for internally threaded tragus rings.

Although not the most popular type of body piercing, tragus piercing is among the most preferred with both males and females.

Regardless of the kind of tragus body jewelry you decide to get, one thing is certain – you want it to heal as soon as possible.

Your piercer is likely to tell you that it is best to wear an internally threaded tragus ring.

Benefits Of Wearing Internally Threaded Tragus Rings

The short answer is:

• Less infection
• Less swelling
• Less friction
• More comfort
• Quicker healing

These are pretty good reasons for wearing internally threaded tragus rings. In addition to these, internally threaded jewelry is also stronger and safer to wear. There is a smooth shaft that goes through your tragus piercing. The bead that secures the tragus ring in place has the threaded bar. This bar fits inside the shaft, so your new tragus piercing will never touch the threads.

Compared to the more common externally threaded tragus rings, internally threaded tragus rings are far better as they promote healing. Internally threaded body jewelry is more difficult to make, so it is more expensive. However it is designed to ensure that your piercing heals with the minimum interference. These rings are further strengthened by the threaded bar not only glued to the ball, but also extended right inside it, so that when it is screwed into the shaft, it fits snugly and safely.

When healing is complete, you can start wearing a variety of internally threaded tragus rings available in plenty of attractive designs and colors!

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Internally Threaded Body Jewelry – Best For Body Piercing!

Internally Threaded Body Jewelry According to the Association of Professional Piercers, there are certain specific standards that must be followed by professional body piercing experts.

They insist that when threaded jewelry is used for first time piercings, it has to be internally threaded body jewelry – minimum  16 gauge. Getting body piercing done can be a really exciting experience because you are looking forward to showing off your navel, nose, or tongue piercing.

But did you know that wearing the right kind of jewelry can help you get your piercing done safely?

Internally threaded body jewelry is a little pricey because it is more expensive to manufacture. The more commonly found externally threaded body jewelry has the threads on the outer surface at the end of the body jewelry shaft and the ball at the recess. In internally threaded body jewelry, the ball has a threaded bar which fits into the shaft. This is more intricate to make. Good quality internally threaded jewelry has the thread glued to the ball or even better – inserted inside it to make it secure when you wear it! 🙂

Benefits Of Internally Threaded Body Jewelry

The biggest benefit of internally threaded body jewelry is safety. It does not harm the piercing wound and this is very important if you have body piercing in delicate places like your tongue, or a genital piercing where you definitely do not want any risk of infection.

The internally threaded barbell used in piercing is a lot more comfortable and minimizes the chances of bacterial infection. It is certainly stronger than other types of body jewelry because of the way it is made, with the threaded stem going all the way from the ball into the shaft. This makes the ball secure and stable.

Unlike external threading, you will not have the threading pass through your freshly made piercing.

Generally, internally threaded body jewelry is made of high quality materials and costs more than other jewelry but it is well worth it when you think of safety. There are plenty of jewelry options that you can try out at leisure. You can feel assured that your body piercing is protected by internally threaded body piercing jewelry and focus on enjoying your unique piercing!

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Titanium Body Jewelry

Titanium Body Jewelry Titanium body jewelry is a majestic dark grey in color and light weight, making it very comfortable to wear. It is considered the best among all body jewelry materials because it looks new even after you use it for years!

Titanium is a strong material. If you happen to be allergic to silver or gold, then you should look at titanium body jewelry. Titanium is totally resistant to what they call body fluid attacks and there is no chance of skin irritations. If you are getting a body piercing for the first time, then titanium body jewelry is a great choice!

With the huge range of designs and shades available you are sure to find one that you like. There are labrets, tongue rings, barbells, ball captive rings and horseshoes. The pretty 16 gauge blue titanium plated ball monroe labret has a 316 L surgical steel internally threaded monroe with a titanium plated ball.

The beautiful titanium barbells come in a range of unique designs in black and brilliant blue featuring butterflies, flying bird, flower, frog, coiled snake etc. For the more conventional, there is the cross, the arrow, the anchor, cross bones crown, clover for luck, gun and much more.

If you have just had a tongue piercing, the best way to help it heal is with a titanium tongue ring. These come in Grade 23 titanium. The rainbow single gem tongue ring is a solid titanium body jewelry that you just cannot afford to miss. Made of grade 23 solid titanium with 5 mm balls these come in vivid hues. Grade 23 titanium is used in medical devices because it is body friendly. The tongue barbell is made of anodized titanium surgical steel. These solid titanium barbells are available in different colors.

You can also get pretty titanium belly rings for navel piercings in 14 gauge titanium barbell ring body jewelry. The spiral twister ball cone belly ring looks especially striking! Look at the variety of belly button navel rings, spiral belly button rings and titanium nose rings for choice.

Anodized titanium captive bead rings are also available in many attractive colors that you can wear to match your clothes. The black crystal Swarovski anodized ring looks fabulous, with the crystal grabbing the attention of others…

Go ahead and check out all the designs for yourself and order your favorite ones! 🙂

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Internally Threaded Labret Rings – Look More Attractive Safely!

Internally Threaded Labret Rings Labret piercing is very popular and the most common types of jewelry used at the time of piercing are either studs or rings. Internally threaded labret rings come highly recommended due to their various benefits.

Expert piercers advise that it is better to get a labret piercing with an internally threaded labret ring.

Internal threading means lesser chances of infection as the shaft of the barbell that passes through the piercing will not hurt the piercing. Moreover, it speeds up the healing process, helping you heal faster. Internally threaded body jewelry is especially suggested for piercing located in delicate places for this very reason. The internal threading makes the jewelry stronger and more secure, without the danger of the stud or ring falling off.

The extra price you might pay for this type of jewelry is worth the benefits that you would enjoy. Because of its intricate system, it is costlier to manufacture. The threading has to be precisely set in the right part of the labret ring or stud. External jewelry is widely available but it is not recommended for a new piercing as the new piercing can get infected as well as take longer to heal when the threading grazes the piercing.

With internally threaded labret rings on the other hand, it is only the smooth shaft that is inserted into the piercing after which the bead with the threaded bar is fit into the shaft, never coming into contact with the piercing directly. To make the internally threaded labret ring stronger, the thread is glued to the ball, extending inside the ball.

With so many choices available in internally threaded labret rings, you can now enjoy a safer and more attractive labret piercing! 😉

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