Cartilage of Death

Submitted by Shianne from Utah

Cartilage Piercing

Me being the dumb 13 year old girl I was, I decided to pierce my own cartilage with a safety pin. Yeah, I know, possibly one of the dumbest things you could do. But, I thought I was being “money efficient” and “smart.” So, I got my safety pin, rubbing alcohol, and finally my purple marker so I could mark where I was going to stab myself 😉

I mark up my ear, dip my safety pin in rubbing alcohol and shove it through my ear…that was a very, very bad idea. One second it was going fine, and the next there was a surge of blood and pain 😡 I quickly grabbed a cup off my nightstand and put it under my ear, I sat like that for a good ten minutes before I stood back up and went to the bathroom to clean my disaster.

The blood was still dripping from my ear at a semi-rapid rate and the small cup was a third way filled
with my blood!

I looked in the mirror and saw the pulpy, bloody, vermillion, and swollen mess of an ear I had created and ran upstairs to show my mother. (She had no idea I was doing this!) 😡

She saw my ear and the next thing I know I’m being raced to the Emergency Room. The nurse at the check in counter saw me and immediately turned ash colored. I was immediately admitted and sat in an EXTREMELY uncomfortable dressing gown while blood continued to drip down my neck. The doctor came in a few moments later and said that I had hit a major vein in my ear

He said to either:

  1. leave the earring in and let it heal abnormally and have problems with it or…
  2. take it out and start the bleeding again. Naturally, I chose option 1…not a wise idea, but… oh well.

A few weeks later my ear got extremely infected and the pain was excruciating, green/yellow pus was coming out of it and it was bleeding constantly.

I went to the doctors once again and found out I had given myself an extremely infected ear and if I had left it any longer it could’ve traveled to my brain and killed me!

Great…just great…So I had surgery to get all the infection out and had to have my ear wrapped in gauze and tape for about a month, and it sucked so hard.

Seriously, it was one of the most annoying things ever!

But, out of all this pain and misery, I learned a lesson.


* * *

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  1. Horrors!!!! Glad you got it fixed though. Please, please go to a trusted professional if you do something like this again. I have multiple cartilage piercings too, but it was done over a period of time, and by a pro.

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