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Captive Bead RingsCaptive bead rings better known as the CBR or captive ball rings are almost rings but with a little gap between the two ends where a ball accepts the two ends of the ring, completing the ring shape. The ring’s tension holds this ball in place. The ball has two dimples in which the ends of the ring fit.

These are ultra cool to wear on ear piercings. These are a bit tricky to open and insert the bead, especially when the ring gauge size is bigger, and you might need to use ring pliers to expand the ring to remove the bead easily.

The better the quality of captive bead rings the better the finish. A good quality ring will have smooth ends, which not only fit the piercing comfortably but also sit snugly into the ball or bead without the risk of pinching your skin.

You will find a massive assortment of captive bead rings being sold. The beads themselves are made of a variety of materials ranging from glass to acrylic to metal while the bar can be of stainless steel, titanium, gold and niobium.

Captive bead rings are quite common and come in different variations. If you plan to wear a captive bead ring on your piercing, it is a good idea to get used to handling it before you actually begin to wear it. Get accustomed to snapping the ball in and out. If the gauge is too thick or too thin you must find out how to wear it from the piercer rather than risk hurting yourself.

For fresh piercings, you might be able buy captive bead rings in sterile packing. Take care not to open it until you need to wear it. The best thing to do, when you are ready to wear it is to wash your hands properly to avoid infections. Take care to open the pack only after you clean your piercing. If the captive bead ring is not sterile you might want to wash it with soap and water and pat it dry. If it is a standard gauge CBR, you can insert it yourself by. Larger gauge CBRs are best left to a professional to insert! 😉

But anyway – it’s a good idea to get special pliers for opening the captive bead ring – even if it’s not a large gauge one.

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