“Can My Stomach, Uterus And Veins Get Damaged After A Navel Piercing?”

Belly Piercing RisksIf that were true why would millions of people get a navel piercing and love it? Just goes to show that damaging your stomach, uterus, veins, whatever – is a complete myth!

If you are female and are worrying about your uterus or stomach being damaged, then banish the thought. That is simply not possible. If you make sure you go to a professional piercer who is experienced, he would obviously not pierce your abdomen – that is pretty hard to do. Ok, look at it this way – a good piercer wouldn’t do it – and a lousy one wouldn’t know how to! 😉

Coming to damaged veins – first of all, the navel area of the body has no veins. In fact, one of the reasons why navel piercings take longer to heal is because there is not as much blood flow as to other body piercing areas. Therefore, you cannot get damaged veins from a navel piercing.

Belly button piercing is so common that practically anyone who is interested in a body piercing decides to go in for one. It looks erotic and it looks sexy. Also, there is such a massive variety of belly jewelry to be worn and shown off that you’ve simply got to have one.

You also have a choice of different types of belly piercing (double, top, bottom), each one more attractive than the other. There is something so eyeball-grabbing about a flash of jewelry on a bare midriff – how can you not afford to have one? Just do it! 😉


  1. ha thats all nonsence, i had a proffesional piercer pierce my belly button and i had a vein (its pretty rare though)in the way and he pierced straight through it (the top half) and it bled for ages, so yes you can damage your veins and people still have piercings there either because they dont know about that or they just wanted to take the risk so if you do have your belly button just prey and hopefully you dont have a vein in the way like i did but as i said its pretty rare so dont worry and i dont know about if you can damage any of the others. you wont know you have a vein there until it is pierced and you will have to take the piercing out and you cant do it again so what i done is get the bottom half done, so good luck

    1. I have a weird sensation in my left leg a few days after my piercing. Could it be due to a nerve having been hit leading down to my leg? I’m really worried about it!

  2. Ok Hanna I so need ur help! How will I kno if he pierced through a vein? I really hope he didn’t! 🙁 this is my 4th time to get it pierced!(long story lol) n I had to annoy my hubby for months to agree with it! I have a lot of scar tissue where he pierced because I’ve had 2 kids and when I got pregnant had to take the ring out bc I didn’t kno there was such thing as maternity belly rings. Please let me kno how to tell! Thank u!

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