“Can I Get A Permanent Twitch By Accidentally Piercing A Major Nerve Over Eyebrow?”

Can I Get Twitch By Piercing EyebrowBody piercing is fun. But there are a lot of myths that can scare you a little bit, depending on the where you want to get the piercing.

One of the most popular body piercing today is eyebrow piercing. These look great on you, regardless of whether you are a boy or a girl. It is quite fashionable to sport eyebrow body jewelry because it is so visible and attractive.

But there are misconceptions attached to this. Some people will tell you that if you pierce through the nerve above your eyebrow, you’ll get a permanent twitch.

Hey, that is not likely to happen. The truth is, bone, muscles and tissues shield all the major nerves in that area on our face safely. Moreover, we are built to tolerate minor piercings. Therefore, if by chance, a nerve really does happen to be pierced, you will quickly heal and recover. There is no chance of developing a permanent twitch!

What does count though, is that you carefully chose who you are going to get your eyebrow piercing done with. Hygiene definitely counts. Make sure that the piercer is a professional with experience and uses sterilized jewelry on your piercing. It does not hurt to check out the piercer’s studio and also ask your friends for recommendations before you get your eyebrow piercing done.

The important thing is to choose the right kind of jewelry and locate it at the right place. This should be taken care of by your piercer. Eyebrow piercing looks great and attention grabbing.

So just go ahead and enjoy! 😉

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