Body Piercing Stories

Hello Everyone – young and old, pierced and only those thinking about getting pierced!

On this page everyone of you can share your body piercing experiences and submit your own body piercing story! And the best part of it – you’ll get FREE body jewelry for it in exchange, how’s that sound for you? 😉

And even if you think that your piercing isn’t anything special, you’re actually wrong!

What may seem to be something little for you, can be a revelation to someone else. Maybe right now there is a person eagerly waiting to get pierced, but she’s afraid of the piercing pain… Maybe you just underwent a genital piercing process and discovered that it isn’t as painful as it is usually imagined…

Maybe you got some unusual facial piercing and you want everyone to see how it looks and how you feel about it!

No matter what body piercing type you have, you can submit your body piercing story here and I will post it on this website straight away along with your photo! Facial piercings, oral piercings, ear piercings, male and female piercings, unusual surface piercings – whichever you have, just drop your story using the form below! Oh yes – and you’ll get your FREE Body jewelry piece posted out to you within 24 hours! 😀

Just please write your body piercing story in at least 300 words – otherwise it won’t qualify… OK?

Submit Piercing Stories HERE!

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  1. hello every one this is sajzan from small city of india . i am 29 year old male i done self navel piercing from last 9 october of year 2009. actually i done several time navel piercing before year 2009 but my all atempt are fail because we have no sutabile jewellery for it .some time i wear a ring of cupper,or alluminium which is taking by electric wire .one time i am take artificial ear ring on navel but in all time it is refuse by my body .my city, even 500k.m.range of my city no any place for purchasing of belly jewellery .i am from middle class family and body piercing specialy for male is not in my tradiation so i cant to discus to any body about belly piercing and jewellery for it .sundanly one day i see a curved barbel in a temperorary shop which are make a stll in my city from comes from morden and major city of india on the acountof local festivel in my city . i cant explain thoese situtaion when i find out curved barbel in my city .actually my navel piercing is my secreate no any body know about my belly piercing i am alwayes hide it . my belly piercing is inspiration of a indian actress on bollywood movie .if you provide me belly ring toung barbel and lipring then i lot of glade you thanks.

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