Black Body Jewelry

Black Body jewelryBlack body jewelry has always been considered beautiful and striking-looking. This kind of body piercing jewelry mostly comes in Bioplast and titanium.

Titanium is light and strong and comes in beautiful shades ranging from dark gray to black. Any embellishment looks fabulous on it and most of all, it is certified as a biocompatible material just like Bioplast.

The flexible Bioplast is very comfortable, body friendly, and comes in different colors apart from black. When you get your body piercing with titanium or Bioplast body jewelry, the chances of skin irritations, swelling and infections are less. Your piercing also heals much faster than with other jewelry. Since there is no nickel there is no skin allergy either. An experienced piercer can easily sterilize both these materials!

The variety of titanium and Bioplast combined with surgical steel black body jewelry is amazing. You will find the popular barbell design in many styles. Black logo barbells that are great for tongue piercings feature a variety of colorful designs against the black background like mushrooms, numbers, realistic flames, flags, cherries, dice, a pair of sexy hot lips, the Mona Lisa, male female logo, pot leaf, nautical star, rainbow smile, star, yin yang, iron cross, pentagram, a smiley, plus lots more. There are far too many to just list here, so it is a good idea to go browsing on your own!

The combination of black and gemstones is both unbeatable and irresistible because of the stark contrast. Look at the black anodized cubic zirconia paved heart belly ring. This dream of a black body jewelry item sparkles and dazzles you with multiple gems set into a heart shape. Made of 14 gauge anodized titanium and 316L surgical grade stainless steel, this outstanding design has a 5 mm ball.

Ball captive ring black body jewelry set with crystals is equally popular. You will find them in 18 gauge, anodized titanium and surgical grade stainless steel. This kind of jewelry looks great on ear piercings, lip piercing, eyebrows, nipple piercing and much more.

There is no doubt that black is certainly beautiful. So why not add some unusual black body jewelry to your own collection of body piercing?

Attention is guaranteed wherever you go wearing these beauties!;-)

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