Belly Button Piercing Healing – Some Facts

Belly Button Piercing HealingHave you just got your belly button pierced? Then you probably have a list of do’s and don’ts from your piercer so that you can help with the belly button piercing healing.

Since it is a surface piercing, the healing time is more for a belly button piercing. You will have to take good care of it – sometimes even around six months and up to a year for it to completely heal!!!

Do not be tempted to change the jewelry before the belly button piercing healing is complete as you could prevent it from healing quickly. There is also the possibility that it might get infected.

One of the reasons a belly button piercing healing takes longer is because it is near the waist, which experiences a lot of movement. Because of this, you have your clothes touching the piercing often. Therefore the specific healing time varies from individual to individual based on a few factors. These are:

•    Type of outfits worn
•    Your health
•    Your diet
•    The kind of aftercare taken

Our belly button is a scar on our body. Unless it is kept clean, it can become dirty, attracting bacteria and fungus. So it is in your hands to ensure that you take good care to clean it during the belly button piercing healing period. Some redness is likely. Sometimes you might see the piercing develop some crust. But this is normal as the crust is part of the healing process. You may also see some fluid discharge, which gradually dries up. You only need to worry if it turns thick, yellowish and painful. If this happens, contact your piercer.

Remember as far as possible, not to touch the piercing or try to change the navel jewelry before the belly button piercing healing is complete. Your piercer may advise you to wait for at least eight weeks. Jewelry made of surgical steel, titanium and Bioplast body jewelry are the best options as these are all safe to wear on a fresh piercing. Bioplast, in particular comes highly recommended for its flexibility and ability to heal your piercing much faster. It helps you move comfortably unlike metal, which is rigid.  It is also unlikely to result in infections. Bioplast is available in a large variety of designs, colors and shapes.

Allow your belly button piercing healing to be a natural process so that you too can enjoy wearing different types of belly button jewelry!

FUNNY FACT! Did you know there are celebs out there who don’t have belly buttons? 🙂

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