Belly Button Piercing – Fast & Precise!

Hi Guys!

Today I was surfing YouTube (I guess many of you have the same addiction, right? 🙂 and came across this body piercer from Louisiana – have a look at his YouTube channel here.

What’s so special about this guy? – you may ask.

OK, have a look at how he performs navel piercing and then read on:

Did you notice how precisely and quickly he clamped the girl’s belly button’s skin-fold making sure the marked piercing holes are on the right place?

Compare him to the piercer in the video below:

And now tell me – who was the piercer having performed 50,000 piercings? OK, you probably better like the lady in the second video – she’s taking the whole thing slower and prepares the girl and so on and on. But I think the first guy’s approach – fast and clean (like pulling out your tooth – you wouldn’t want to take it sloooowly… right? ) is better.

OK, he was a bit slow with screwing on the ball at the belly button ring 🙂 but the main points I want to make are:

1) Always make sure the piercer marks the piercing holes before actually piercing the skin;

2) Always make sure the piercer uses the clamps!

If you ever get to a body piercer who wants to pierce your belly button without the clamps – run away!

Otherwise you risk having a crooked belly ring, for example, and I’m sure it’s not what you want when getting a body piercing, right? I’ve seen many body piercing videos on YouTube where you can see that the piercer just pushes the needle through when holding the skin-fold. But it’s so easy to misjudge the piercing location if you don’t mark the holes! Just watch the second video again and you’ll see how thoroughly the piercer positions the skin between the clamps to make sure the piercing is straight.

By the way, here you can read what Shan Lee tells about getting a crooked belly ring and getting it re-done.


The body piercer you can see in the video above is selling body piercing kits on eBay – have a look here. They come with instructional videos and are 100% sterile, so you can perform the piercing at home! Nice & handy, isn’t it? 😉

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