Antibacterial Products – Which To Use And Which To Avoid?

Piercing Antibacterial ProductsIt is a fact that you must take good care of your body piercing so that you can heal comfortably and avoid infections.

If you are not a LITHA follower, you can avail of a variety of antibacterial products to keep your piercing clean and this includes antibacterial products that prevent infection. Let us take a look at the most commonly used products:

• Iodine based antibacterial products like Betadine or Triadine are branded products. But these are not for new piercing, especially those above your neck because the iodine content in it can irritate the piercing.

Surgeons usually use Betadine and other iodine-based antibacterial products before a surgery particularly on skin that is not broken. Since Betadine is for external use only, using it on a fresh piercing can make the skin sensitive to it and cause contact dermatitis.

• There are iodine solutions that could contain citrus acid which can also irritate the new piercing like Hibiclens.

• Professional piercers are recommending liquid soaps that contain Triclosan because it cleans new piercings gently and effectively. But do not use Palmolive dish washing liquid which also contains Triclosan for your piercings! 😉

• Liquid antibacterial soaps like Dial, Nutragina, SoftSoap, Johnson and Johnson products are considered good and do clean the piercing properly. But be cautious about the fragrances or colors used in these products as they might cause skin irritations!

Clearly Natural soap contains very little iodine and also Provon with Chloroxylenol, which could be more effective than other anti bacterial products.

• If you have an ear, nostril, septum, lip or cheek piercing, then you will need the active ingredient Benzethonium Chloride 0.13% which you can find in a product called Sensitive Ears.

• Some people consider alcohol a good cleaning agent but it causes severe inflammations so avoid alcohol!

• When you use saline soaks, remember to wash it off with plain water.

Avoid Bactine, which is only for minor injuries, not piercings!

Apart from the above, there are plenty of home remedies that you can make and use. The popular herbs used here are Chamomile, Goldenseal, etc. that are said to be very effective!


  1. i just got the cartlidge in my ear pierced yesterday and the guy told me to use anti-bacterial soap on it until it heals. but i’m reading on some of these sites that i shouldnt. which is correct? he told me not to use alcohol and i havent.


  2. um i gust got my belly button pierced n using an antibacterial soap is infact good to ur piercing,i use safeguard be cuz its plain white n has no colouring/sent…my piercing;s healing great u shud use this soap.:)

  3. Iv’e had my naval pierced for sux days n im wonderin since It says use no bactine.. bt what about first aid Antiseptic spray?

    1. Some people say yes some say no. I would say it depends in your piercing and your skin really. But I’m not a pro, I’d do more research on that. The best thing to use is salt from your piercer.

  4. No god damnit. This article is filled with terribly wrong advice. The only right things are that you shouldn’t use alcohol, betadine, bactine, and that you need to take good care of it. Literally all you should be doing to clean it is rinsing it in the shower and spraying it with sterile saline wound wash (you can buy a can of it in most pharmacies and Walmart. The only ingredients should be WATER and SODIUM CHLORIDE (salt). If there are other ingredients, don’t buy it) up to twice a day. Anything else is overcleaning and will irritate it. Don’t use soaps, don’t use betadine, don’t use alcohol, don’t use Benzethonium Chloride (or anything with it), don’t use bactine, and use a can of sterile saline instead of sss. Sss can easily be mismeasured and are hard to make completely sterile at home, leading to irritation and possibly infection. A can of sterile saline is a safer and easier way to go. Other than rinsing in the shower and spraying with the sterile saline, don’t fucking touch it god damnit.

    1. Chill???? I used the salt water mix and used soap when my cartilage was healing (at different times ofc) and the soap worked way better. But that’s just my opinion. And that’s just your opinion.

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