angel bites :)

By Whitney, from Stanley, USA.

Well to start i love piercings so i decided on something kinda out there know one i knew had them so i got angel bites.

for thoose of you that are like whats that they are pretty much a monroe piercings on each side.

So i went to my best friend star who does piercings and tattoos and just pretty much told her what i wanted and she was like okay cool.She was very nice she sat me down and told me what to expect.

Then it started with the little purple marker.putting the dots on my face was the fun part.Then to the clamps thoose i will have to say are not the most comterblest thing in the world ,starting on my left side she put the needle through my lip with me only feeling a little pinch. she removed the clamp and put a like sponge thing on the bottum of the needle.

Now to the next side she says as she put the clamp there, and did the same for that side.Then i sat there for about a minute with two needles in my lip as she prepared the the jewlery. Then they were in and i was all done :).
the aftermath of this is my lip swelled alittle but nothing ice couldn’t take car of.

then all i had to do was just wash my mouth out with mouth wash everytime i ate and clean the outside with antibactirail soup twice a day for bout 2 weeks.
The heling happend rather fast i was able to remove and change my rings in a little over 3 week.
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  1. Thats the same thing my snake bites felt like too!! just a little pinch and some swelling. What hurt for me is when i took out my snake bites and then i re-pierced my right side of my lip through the scar tissue. that hurt really bad… i did it myself with some ice and a lot of pressure.

  2. I really want angel bites but scared about the pain I might feel. I just recently got my industrial piercing done and I’m wondering if that would’ve hurt worse then getting angel bites or the other way around? I just don’t want it to hurt and I’m afraid of needles which isn’t good at all…..

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