Acrylic Body Jewelry

Acrylic Body JewelryLook at the jewelry collection of anyone with a love for body piercing and you will find that most of it is acrylic body jewelry. If you are wondering why, then it is because acrylic is the cheapest among all body jewelry. The part that stays in the piercing is made of surgical grade stainless steel and the dangles and other accessories are made of acrylic.

You will find acrylic body jewelry designs in a huge range of colors and color combinations, designs, shapes and styles for just about any body piercing. The most popular are nose jewelry, tongue jewelry, belly, eyebrow, and captive bead rings.

Come; let us just take a look at the hottest designs available. If you have a tongue piercing, look at tongue rings in acrylic body jewelry. The acrylic UV black zipper barbell tongue ring looks very striking. There is also the gold finger inlaid black anodized barbell tongue ring with a design visible on the top of the tongue. If you like being unusual, look at the gold scorpion inlaid in a black anodized barbell. For more color, the blue gem surgical steel spinner barbell makes a lovely choice where the acrylic balls are a vivid blue color. If you would rather go in for simplicity, then the clear acrylic black peace sign barbell tongue ring is a good choice. The peace sign shows up on the UV acrylic balls on the barbell.

In acrylic body jewelry, dangles are very popular and you can interchange them for different occasions. There are astro stars, numbers, funky flowers, pool balls, a striking black and yellow butterfly end, hedgehogs, and lots more. Get some pink pleasure with the pink pleasure 70’s belly dangle and enjoy the looks you get!

There are crystalline single gem UV belly button rings with electric blue, glitter and hot pink gem for belly piercings. You even get replacement balls for this in different gemstone colors. Or just usher in spring with the black yellow spring butterfly belly rings and become the envy of your friends!

Also look at the collection of lovely glitter screw nose rings in striking colors. Acrylic body jewelry is a must have for all piercing enthusiasts!

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  1. Hi was wondering if u carry any type of transparent or clear jewelry for eyebrows as i am not able to wear piercings at work but will be able if it is not noticable…even if its just the ends of the jewelery the stem can be gold or silver or stainless…but balls need to be clear or transperant or flesh coloured. If you could get back to me asap that would be much appreciated.

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