A suprise for my wife.

By Jacob from Texas.

nipple_fbuMy kids had to decided to give my wife the gift of a navel piercing for Mother’s Day. My wife was getting pretty excited, but she was also anxious. She doesn’t like needles, so I could understand why this might be a little scary for her.
I made my decision to go with her, to try to be there for support. Little did she know I had something else in mind. I had decided to get a couple of piercings too!
We walked into the establishment where we were gettting our piercings done. After my wife picked out her new body jewelry, I asked the piercer for another release form and told her what I wanted to get done. I ended up getting both of my nipples and one of my eyebrows pierced. My wife was really surprised.
The nipples definitely hurt worse than the eyebrow, and they were all pretty sore for a few days after. Unfortunately, our toddler kept pulling on my eyebrow and I kept hitting it and getting it caught on random things, so I had to take it out.
I still have my nipple rings. They aren’t soe anymore. And, my wife loves to play with them!

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